What’s New? How is the world treating you? Sung by Linda Ronstadt with the great Nelson Riddle band

By Gerry and Barbara Barker

January 2, 2019

And now here’s something a little different.

Both of us have spent the past 36 years together. Unusual in that we spent time some 25 years prior with other partners who passed away but are not forgotten.

The result has been an integrated family with adventures and events that have created a loving and interesting human experience.

Along the way we lost a daughter and witnessed the growth of six children and 12 grandchildren. The new wave is the arrival of eight great-grandchildren.

We have been fortunate to have traveled the world including an 80-day cruise around the world visiting 28 ports of call. We have walked the Great Wall of China, ridden on the Moscow Subway, cruised the Greek Islands, ridden a clog train up the Matterhorn and kissed the Blarney Stone.

For many years we spent our winters in Sarasota, Florida visiting Gerry’s mother who lived for 101 years passing in 2001. Alas, we are unable to enjoy that aspect of our lives due in part to our advanced years.

When all is said and done, Guelph has been our favourite home for the past 15 years living in the city. Barbara was born here some 86 years ago.

Oh sure. There have been times of disagreement and disappointment, but our love for each other surmounts negativity. Barbara always says: “ Never go to bed angry.”

Well, it works most of the time.

Lately we have been filtering through our accumulated stuff. Barbara came across a poem she had written several years ago and submitted to a Poetry Publisher. She received a rave review from the organization but with all the moving and travel, it was lost until recently.

We thought you might enjoy her poem.

Trying Out My Wings

By Barbara MacDonald Barker

“We thought you might enjoy her poem.

“Trying out my wings

By Barbara MacDonald Barker

“I am trying out the wings of my mind

Testing the water cautiously

I’m frightened of things I might find

But need to live my life thoroughly

I’ll face each and every day

And learn to love and laugh again

I’ll watch the sunset’s orange rays

And walk on sand and smell the rain.”

Looking back over the past 36 years we can see the parts of our lives that are manifest in this poem.

In closing we want to tip the hat to our neighbourhood cat, Tuxedo. We are entertained by his travels around the ‘hood looking for chipmunks, the odd slow bird and the occasional bunny. He is rewarded along the way with the occasional saucer of milk and a stroke or two of his glistening coat.

Some Cat that Tuxedo!

We wish everyone a happy New Year, good health, prosperity and the company of good friends.

Life is good.

What’s new? Hope the world is treating you!



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2 responses to “What’s New? How is the world treating you? Sung by Linda Ronstadt with the great Nelson Riddle band


    Dear Barb & Gerry:What a life!! I read your blog post with tears as I remember many events in Pat and mine 54 years of wedded bliss and tribulations.Wishing you two Happy New Year and many more to come.DAVID & PAT BIRTWISTLE

  2. Barbara and Gerry, thank you for the poem. I wish you a Happy and prosperous new year. I wish you and your Family a peaceful and safe 2019. Thank you for your research and writing Guelph Speaks.

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