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Guelph CAO Hans Loewig Disappears

How many chiefs does it take to run a city?

As Chief Administration Officer Hans Loewig disappears regularly like a submarine, the four executive directors of city staff are the collective CAO’s. They are in charge of city staff of some 1,300 and the proposed 2011 budget implementation.

Confirm or deny.

Speaking of Mr. Loewig, how many days off has he had since being named the permanent CAO at a salary of $206,000 a year?


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70 Thousand A Year To Inspect Stop Signs In Guelph

Tid bits from the proposed city budget for 2011

City staff have proposed a new hire, one of more than 87 new employees, to inspect stop sign for it reflective qualities. This individual will be full-time and earn $70,000 a year plus perks. In addition there is a requirement for equipment costing an additional $45,000. Staff stated that this was a provincially mandated requirement. Where do I apply for this job?

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Compost Karen Farbridge’s Crown Jewel

Compost: Karen’s crown jewel

So a report in the Mercury thinks that the operating cost of the waste management plant is “inappropriate and irrelevant”.

The article continued with using a comparison of moving from a basement apartment to a detached house. Your costs will increase.

Well, DUH!

The writer pursued  his argument that cost doesn’t matter by saying “most residents wanted the ability to deal with waste within our borders.”

Talk about toeing the company line. Did the writer see the survey that supported his claim? Does one even exist and if it does why wasn’t the writer more precise? Should a story this polarizing in the community contain some facts like the number of people polled, who did the polling and the figures showing those in favour and those opposed.

Naw. That didn’t happen because that $46 million dollar waste management system was conceived, discussed and approved in private with little public input. That’s what happened when there is a virtual dictatorship running the city.

Guelph’s pride in having its own waste management plant was cherry-picked by the City of Waterloo — it decided that renting was better than buying. It was pragmatic enough to piggy-back on the Guelph taxpayer at one third the estimated operating cost of the new facility.

The planning was so good on this project that an additional $14 million was required to convert the pick-up system to bins and automated trucks. The province refused to approve the project that was already under construction until this additional expense was committed.

This is not over and the real fallout is around the corner.

What is the city going to do with all that compost? The plant will allegedly produce tons of the stuff. How will it be stored and where?

The neighbours will not be amused when the wind blows from the southeast. But it won’t reach Waterloo.

Just ask the folks in Hamilton where the same style plant was built by the same company building Guelph’s model.


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