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  1. Linda

    Gerry, you will have to add your website to

  2. Paul

    Regarding your article on the Environmental Commissioner -Obviously this Officer has no contact with reality, He praised the “new and improved” Guelph Compost Facility when it had already been shut down by the Ministry of the Environment? What a boner! Just how much do we pay this clown who is supposed to have his fingers on the Environment not on his own throat choking off the oxygen to his brain.

  3. Ruby

    Just want to say “thank you” for creating this blog. Love reading it.
    Another story is the ongoing saga of building a new main library. The new “CEO’s” strategic plan is just a tad over the top.

    • Thanks Ruby.
      With the overspending of this administration, the new downtown library is still on the back burner. Despite the propaganda that the project could be “3P” Private/Public project. What private developer wants to get involved in a project with the city of Guelph as a partner? That’s like committing Hari Kari in the development world. I say keep the city out of it and allow a private developer to build a mixed use building on Baker Street that has a decent return of capital. Don’t hold your breath on that happening. The majority of this council are arrogant and believe they are always right … maybe that’s the same thing! We shall see.

  4. Mike:
    It has been some time since we spoke. Just what is it you want to talk about? GB

  5. ela

    Hi Gerry, I have some questions about the new Waste project in Guelph that I would like to discuss with you and post on your blog. Please contact me back. Thank you.

  6. Kate Quarrie

    Great news today on Highway 7. How long have we all waited for this to happen. I can remember all the many meetings with Mayors of Cambridge, Brantford and the Kitchener/Waterloo representatives that I took part in urging the Ontario Government to finally get it done. I know the Mayors before us and after have done the same. It has been needed for so long. This news made my day. Kate Quarrie.

    • Kate Quarrie: Indeed it is great news. Let’s hope the project is not killed if there is a change in government. I was curious that there is a plan to repave the existing Highway 7. I hope this is not the fall-back position in the event the $300 million Bypass gets bypassed.

  7. Kate Quarrie

    Gerry: Nothing surprises me anymore. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all your readers and to you and your family. Kate

    • Kate Quarrie: Back at you! Our family and extended family of readers, wish you the same. Hopefully the new year will bring some stability and rationale to city hall. I’m not holding my breath!

  8. Wayne Lewis

    Here is another instance of Guelph not being business friendly:

    With a little help from family and the bank, Addeo, a Guelphite, started Food Man and Culture Boy six months ago in Hamilton. He said the bylaw regulations in that city to the south are somewhat easier and much cheaper to manoeuvre than Guelph’s. It took him half a year and about five times the amount in fees, to clear regulations in this city.

    • Wayne Lewis – It’s the story that keeps on repeating. This administration doesn’t seem to understand that to build a great city, you need to have policies in place that promote and create interest in the industrial/commercial fields. Two independent consultants in the past three years have tried to tell the city that its development policies are not helping growth that will house people and created jobs. GS is not optimistic anything will change under present management.

    • boomer

      I had the same experience- Met a representative from the ‘Commons’ on Victoria Rd. They told me they have their head office in Oregon and locations all over North America. then they said ” If we had known it was going to be such a hassle locating in Guelph we would never have located here.

  9. Doak McCraney

    I am new to ths blog …The waste management plan ie the new bins what a mess that’s going to be I live in east end where we have inches to put snow and now we have to place these bins the right amount apart and flat where does the snow go. Spoke to a city worker the other day he said failed years ago .. Been to wet dry before we don’t even keep much separate there . And I read how everyone likes it cant think of one person I heard yet who does not think its a “waste”

  10. boomer

    Doak-I’m currently fighting with the city because we are literally in an area that is not bin ‘friendly’ – they refuse to accept that and are asking due to space limitations to allow our neighbours garbage on our property. I’m refusing on principal ( I will no doubt be shuffling them around due to parking etc.) yet they say it will work. Our neighbours are uncomfortable about this as are we. Yet there seems to be no compromise. The funny thing is we spent a ton of money to create a ‘communications’ department within city hall and our neighbours received notice about this and we did not. So it came as a surprise that this in fact was the ‘plan’.

  11. Barry Smith

    Gerry: It was interesting and a nice change to find this blog as up to now I have been commenting in the Tribune/Mercury, the Mayors blog/post and his personal blog/posts. But I wonder with all the articles I have been reading to date, how can this information get out to all the taxpayers? It would be interesting to see Council challenge your blog especially Mr Fung’s latest post.

  12. Edward

    I believe you erred in closing your 10/31/2016 blog. Instead of “What they don’t know, won’t hurt them.” should read: “What you don’t know, won’t hurt them.” Operative words being ‘you’ the taxpayer, and ‘them’ the Councilors.

  13. Anonymous

    It’s hilarious how off you are with your last article. How can Mark McKinnon be a group of seven when he’s Team Cam? You’re barking up the wrong tree here. If you want the real scoop, go to Cam Guthrie’s Facebook and note the SLATE that’s happening. It’s blatantly obvious. I used to respect some of what you wrote because maybe you got some of it right but this time be humbled and realize how far off you are. Understand what you should be investigating is the OBVIOUS Team Cam slate.


    • Anonymous: At least I put my name on my posts. The MacKinnon voting record places him on the left. Particularly when he says that the increase in value of your property means you can take out a second mortgage to pay your taxes. Huh?

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