GrassRoots Guelph shares employee cost concerns with Saint John, New Brunswick

Check out the above link and learn how Guelph and Saint John share similar concerns about the rising cost of public employees and the long term fallout for citizens in both cities.

GrassRoots Guelph (GRG), the independent citizen’s group, has protested the City of Guelph operations since last August. The group researched and presented a petition to the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing requesting an audit of the city’s finances and operations.

The well-documented four-page petition was presented to the Minister on October 1st, 2013. In a subsequent meeting with the MMAH staff, the data and numbers contained in the petition were confirmed as being accurate.

The Minister recently announced that she would not proceed with the audit request instead saying her officials would facilitate a meeting between GRG and city officials. GRG has requested the Ministry to negotiate the terms and structure for such a meeting.

GrassRoots Guelph and are pleased that we are not alone in Guelph when city government spends and taxes to the detriment of the city population.

There is now ample proof that the majority of Guelph council are supported by the nine labour unions currently making up 80 per cent of the city staff. With a civic election next October 27, the labour unions are gearing up to support their candidates in the election with money and boots on the ground.

The intent is to have candidates who support the current administration to continue the seven- year leftist programs that the public did not vote for or wanted.

GRG believes that employee costs are out of control and a key cause of the soaring city debt excessive spending plus taxes and user fees among the highest in Ontario. GRG is dedicated to changing the way our city is being managed.

Join today and participate in a growing organization to elect a council that is responsive to all the people and not the chosen few.

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March 26, 2014 · 10:32 am

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