Is Mayor Farbridge Guelph’s Papandreou?

Economic chaos reigns around the world.

It’s no different in Guelph than Greece. Excessive spending has driven the city’s ability to grow and prosper into the ditch. A bureaucracy secured by guaranteed job security controls it.

What’s different? Greece borrowed to support inflated pensions and social benefits. It borrowed from many European banks to support a lifestyle that has driven the country to the brink of default.

Is it any different in Guelph?

The Farbridge administration has borrowed to finance projects and has not considered funding future financial obligations. In the process the majority of Council relied on staff recommendations in almost every major decision that had to be made over the last five years.

A secret funding was the new Guelph Civic museum where general revenue funds over the past four years have met the increased renovation cost of the converting the derelict convent.

For staff today to say it is coming in under the original $12.700,000 budget is ludicrous given the change orders and unexpected foundation problems experienced by the contractor.

Did it really take more than four years to convert this project?

It is a vanity project led by Coun. Leanne Piper who was former chairperson of the Guelph Heritage organization.

It seemed like a good idea at the time but the fall out was the lack of funding for the new downtown library, Wilson Street Parking Garage and South End Recreation Centre.

It must drive Farbridge advisor Ken Hamill and his wife nuts that the Library project was shelved for ten years as a capital project.

What does that tell you about how the inside works?

Management chaos reigns in Guelph.

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