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Posted March 11, 2011

Welcome to Guelph Speaks

This Blog is for you.

It is for anyone who wants to express themselves about events including politics, happy times, gratitude, objections, crime and, not the least, humour (in good taste!) It is the cyber version of the Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park in London.

All content will be reviewed prior to posting. The editors reserve the right to edit posts for clarification purposes only and not to change the meaning of the post.

And, Guelph Speaks reaches beyond Guelph with regular commentary from Ottawa and Queen’s Park included in its menu of information and views. This is an opportunity to tell the world what you think. Remember, one small voice can sometimes move a mountain of bureaucratic intransigence.

Personal attacks, inflammatory posts or advertising is going to be sent to cyber heaven before appearing in Guelph Speaks. The forum is to offer a variety of points of view. It also is open for guest offerings that may be published on the site with a pen name so long as the writer is identified to the editor’s satisfaction. It is preferred that contributors use their real name but given the circumstance and content, the editor will consider anomimity.

If Guelph Speaks is so open, why does it need an editor?  While people are invited to express themselves, there must be control over content and to assist those whose first language may not be English. But contributors should not discouraged or shy about expressing their views.The main thrust is to communicate regardless of any lack of skill to do so. All points of view will be carefully considered and edited with care not to destroy the contributor’s intent.

Guelph Speaks is the peoples’ forum. It is not affiliated with any political or commercial organization.

But viewers of the Blog will be treated to a some points of view that will irritate, annoy and anger. But Guelph Speaks offers the opportunity for point and counterpoint.

That will become the hallmark of Guelph Speaks, the unfettered mirror of the people’s opinions and views.

DISCLAIMER: The content of Guelph Speaks is protected by the rights within the Canadian Constitution. While every precaution will be taken to prevent libelous statements, the editor is not responsible for content that is produced by contributors nor accepts any liability.

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