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It’s time to suspend allowing undocumented asylum seekers flowing into our Country

By Gerry Barker

June 29, 2018

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues to welcome the hundreds of people seeking life in Canada. They are entering our country at legal checkpoints in the Montreal area, Manitoba and Ontario. They walk across the border claiming refugee status because of alleged persecution in their homeland.

Most enter the U.S. then proceed to Canada where 28,000 undocumented walk-ons flooding across the border last year and the numbers are increasing this year.

A former head of the Canadian Immigration Service, James Bissett, warns that if we take them, they will come and keep coming. The Prime Minister has declared our borders are open to these walk-in refugees who have not been vetted by authorities to determine their claim of asylum.

These people are aided and abetted by a refugee industry in Canada that lobbies, promotes, offers legal advice and thwarts any attempt to staunch the flow of persons wanting to live in a safe country like Canada. They want and receive government support until they attend an immigration hearing before a judge to determine if they are legitimate refugees.

The trouble is once in country they can disappear and the wait time for court appearances can be up to four years. Meanwhile at our expense they enjoy the high standards of life style that Canada offers its citizens.

The costs of housing and assimilating these people, most of who cannot speak English except the Haitians who are fluent in French entering in Quebec, is estimated to be more than $300 million this year.

It is troubling that Canada is threatened with a trade war with the U.S. that will increase the number of workers possibly laid off and seeking unemployment benefits. This could lead to a serious recession in this country and other nations in the world that can make the financial collapse in 2008 look like a walk in the park.

Here in Guelph, an unofficial sanctuary city for refugees, the threat by the U.S. to install a 25 percent tariff on vehicles and parts manufactured in Canada and imported to the U.S. This could impact some 150,000-auto workers, chiefly in Ontario.

The threat on our doorstep

Will that trigger layoffs at the 19 Linamar automotive parts plants in Guelph and elsewhere? Just in Guelph that could affect some 6,000 Linamar employees, plus the companies in the city that feed parts and materials to Linamar and other major parts and components to assembly plants in the U.S. and Mexico.

Linda Hasenfratz, Chief Executive Officer of Linamar, is blunt: “Clearly this will lead to wide scale layoffs further decreasing demand for absolutely everything spinning the U.S. into a deep, deep recession and dragging the rest of us down with them.”

Linamar stock has declined 22 per cent since mid-May based on investor’s fears of the uncertainty and actions of President Trump who has threatened placing the auto tariffs on Canada.

The trade war created by the U.S. administration escalates Mondays July 1 when Canada imposes retaliatory tariffs on a number of U.S. imports. The impending tragedy shows the U.S. President does not understand the free trade agreement between our two countries. Canada is the biggest trading partner of the U.S. and the U.S., despite the ramblings of the President, enjoys a $3.8 billion trade surplus with Canada.

Let’s put the brakes on accepting asylum seekers in Canada

With respect, now is not the time to allow undocumented refugees to enter Canada, due to the potential threat to our economy also the irresponsible ‘America First’ policies of the President and his cabinet.

The uncertainty of what our major trading partner creates places enormous pressure on the Federal government, the provinces and all Canadian citizens if there is a major global economic collapse.

The U.S administration has the ability to make it happen and Canadians have no control, little recourse and the disappearance of a relationship with a long-term friend and ally.

Allowing thousands of undocumented asylum seekers to walk into our country should be stopped until the economic picture stabilizes and we have the ability to accept, support and welcome genuine refugees.

If we do not take steps now they will come and keep coming.




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