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The day Donald Trump declared war on Canada and our Allies around the world

By Gerry Barker

June 5, 2017

Last Thursday afternoon in the White House Rose Garden, President Donald Trump denied global warming and dropped out of the Paris Accord to protect the planet.

The United States became the third county in the World to exit the non-binding treaty joining Nicaragua and Syria out of 187 countries. What Trump did not know is that the U.S. is locked into the Accord until 2020. He may not be in office when that happens.

His mealy-mouthed explanation, loaded with lies, hall-truths and pandering to the Trump core of some 120 million Americans who still believe that he is their man in Washington.

Trump told the audience that he represented all Americans and was acting in their interests. He claimed the Paris Accord would cost millions of lost jobs and his duty was to protect those jobs. Another Pinocchio moment for the Donald.

The assembled trained seals attending the long-winded speech applauded at the specific applause lines.

Friday, the reaction by world leaders was devastating and America lost its soul from a leader who was described as a “malignant narcissist” by a group of psychiatrists. He is one who fails to recognize right from wrong because he believes he knows better than anyone else. In the world of expert mental examination, that could be labelled as sociopathic behavious.

So, first he attacked the North American Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA, stating he would abolish it because it was taking jobs from Americans. Then switched gears and said he would negotiate the 37-year-old treaty,

The president snuggled up to the 55,000 coal miners in West Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee, stating there is a great market for coal in America. This is a deluded explanation to give false hope to those individuals who have no other experience but to work in unsafe and dangerous mines. Where is Trump going to send the coal? The market is rapidly declining as power plants and industry convert to a cheaper and less polluting fuel, natural gas and other rebewable energy sources.

Why doe he keep claiming that the coal mined in those states is clean and will not affect the environment? And, who cleans the coal and how?

I guess when you spend a life in Trump Tower in downtown Manhattan you wouldn’t know climate change from a Volkswagen … further why should you care?

Just latch on to those deposed people married to a dying demand for their product. Then exploit them by promising to wipe out all the environmental protections regulations to meet their needs.

It is a monumental exploitation of people who have no advocate except this misinformed Manhattan elitist who believes he is some political Messiah.

He is a hardcore denier of climate change as is his new Secretary of Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruit. This man is from Oklahoma and one would believe that he would understand the effect of climate change on his state that endures tornados and wild weather. Yet, has he travelled to other parts of the world where the effects of climate change are disturbingly apparent? The Arctic and Antarctic are points of the beginning of Mr. Pruitt’s re-education.

Following the President’s repudiation of the Paris Accord, Mr. Pruitt was so elated that he dined Thursday night at one of the most exclusive and famous French restaurants in Washington to celebrate his ignorance of the planet’s exploding climate problem.

You can take the man out of Oklahoma, but you cannot take Oklahoma out of the man.

So how does this affect Canada?

This past week, despite Trump’s promise to re-negotiate NAFTA, his trade negotiators slapped a border tariff on Canadian softwood lumber shipments to the U.S. For 15 years the American softwood lumber manufacturers have attempted to prevent Canadian competition. Their efforts have been dismissed by the arbitration panel composed of officials on both sides of the border as a mechanism of the treaty.

This didn’t stop the Trump administration. So much for renegotiation as promised by the President.

Next week that process will begin. We now know that the Canadian supply side management system of dairy, poultry, beef, pork, and eggs will be attacked by the U.S. trade reprentatives. The President blamed the Canadian system for 50 employees getting laid off in Wisconsin as his decision to renegotiate NAFTA. The truth is that American dairy farmers are over-producing and the president blamed the Canaian supply side management of dairy production as the cause pf the Wisconsin workers being fired.

It is in this atmosphere of ignoring facts and failure to understand how government works that has led to global condemnation of the Trump Administration. He is a core isolationist and ignorant of how the U.S. government is composed of three branches: The Executive, the Congressonal and the Judiciary. There are ongoing chaotic operations in the White House where even the chief butler left.

Trump’s penchant for tweeting his errant thoughts places staff members in awkward and impossible positions when the media questions the operations. Now the press secretary, Sean Spicer, is holding only audio briefings with TV camera’s not allowed.

We Canadians must be very afraid of this man whose sociopathic ego has no bounds and, make no mistake his actions will spill all over our country as both Canada and Mexico attempt to re-negotiate NAFTA.

It’ll be tough dealing with a president who fails to understand that Canada is American’s biggest trading partner and visa-versa. Nor does he understand the impact of his border tariffs and its predictable increased costs to American consumers.

When it comes to telling whoppers, he is indeed the king.


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