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Service Ontario fumbles customer parking

The other day I had to renew my licence plates. I travelled to the Ontario government complex on Stone Road to do my business with Service Ontario.

In past years I find the staff courteous and helpful.

Driving into the complex there is a short term parking area of six spaces free for 15 minutes.

But it was full.

So I drove down to the area where there were lots of spaces but apparently one must pay to park there.

So, blush, I took a chance knowing that I would only be in the building for about 15 minutes.

As usual the time taken was less than 15 minutes but by the time I got back to my car the Dudley Do-right security guy had given me a ticket for $25. I tried to explain the short-term area was full but he was adamant.

And, if I don’t pay the fine I face losing my licence. Is that a little draconian?

Now I don’t know what wizard in the bowels of the bureaucracy cooked this up but it does not serve the public.

Many citizens attend the Service Ontario offices and should be entitled to short term parking privileges. The employees in the building get free parking but why not the customers?

If Service Ontario were located downtown where there is free two-hour parking, there wouldn’t be a problem. There might even be a staff reduction.

There is oodles of free parking all over Guelph where business is done.

Why can’t the provincial government offer the same privilege to its customers?

Is it any wonder that people don’t trust government?

By Gerry Barker


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