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The myths surrounding Ronald Reagan


A friend of mine publishes the Longboat Key News in Sarasota, Florida. He sent me a column written by Tom Burgum stating the President of the United States was “superfluous”  leading the country. Obviously the column is laced with Republican talking points. The piece included the usual reverent references to former President Ronald Reagan who is lionized today by elements in the Republican Party. Gerry Barker

Posted June 19, 2012

Columnist Tom Burgum reached back to Ronald Reagan to compare the great communicator to President Barak Obama, who he states is “superfluous.”

Republicans keep talking about Reagan as the icon of the party. He was instrumental in stoking the U.S. industrial military complex with billions and left office with the biggest deficit in the nation’s peacetime history. He also raised taxes on the rich to 39 percent, a figure that present day GOP adherents refuse to accept.

That deficit was a fiscal chain around the neck of his successor George H.W. Bush who was defeated after one term by Democrat Bill Clinton. Bush 41 is a decent man, veteran and accomplished businessman. Yet his own party failed to support him for re-election.

Can Mr. Burgum possibly equate the behaviour of the present Congress with Congressional cooperation enjoyed by Ronald Reagan 22 years ago?

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said in 2009 that his goal was to defeat President Obama regardless of the effect on the American people. The House of Representatives Republican majority elected in 2010, has steadfastly refused to pass the Obama jobs bill and almost took the nation to default by refusing to extend the debt limit last summer.

Then they again threatened in December to shut the government down by denying passing critical spending bills, but blinked in the end.

Is this the spirit purveyed in the Reagan years? I think not.

Like his opponent, the President is entitled to attend fund-raisers to support his bid for a second term. Unlike his opponent, he has a country to run. Among a number of accomplishments, he has reversed the American reputation of being seen as a militaristic bully to one that is starting to be admired.

He has been direct and forceful in seeking out and killing Al Qaeda leaders including Osama Bin Laden.  He has removed U.S. forces from Iraq and is determined to reduce the military budget that has ballooned, due to foreign combat.

Obama is a man of substance and dedicated to bringing America out of the global economic collapse, created by his predecessor’s administration.

Now we have Mitt Romney advocating a fuzzy economic program that is mainly a repeat of the policies of former President George W. Bush. Do you really believe that is the solution to America’s economic condition?

Really Mr. Borgum. “Superfluous?” Mr. Obama is a patriot and he is dedicated to reviving a politically punch drunk America.

“Superfluous” more appropriately describes the GOP dominated House of Representatives whose obstructionist tactics have contributed little to pulling the U.S. out of the recession.

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