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Wagging the dog in Guelph

A spiteful refusal by a city staff member denied a councilor’s request for a report on air quality at the $33 million compost plant.

Chief Administration Officer, (CAO), Ann Pappert, wrote in an email that the request was denied because “it would cause the relocation of staff resources away from existing priorities.


So if I got this straight, staff work trumps that of members of council who were elected as stewards of the people’s trust.

Pappert went on to sat that “individual members of council do not have the authority to direct staff work.”

Again, Huh?

Now that tail is really wagging the dog.

Using the city’s governance manual dealing with “new projects and initiatives” the CAO harrumphed that the report request should be brought up in an open and transparent forum such as a standing committee or a council meeting. Is it merely coincidence that Mayor Farbridge chairs the governance committee?

Veteran Coun. Gloria Kovach said she had “never experienced anything like this.” She went on to say “this information should be easy to get.”

If one looks back for the past five and one half years of the Farbridge administration, it is easy to understand that information is often impossible to get. If staff stonewalls a member of council what chance do the citizens have?

Far too much city business is conducted behind closed doors or off site.

Perhaps because Coun. Cam Guthrie has announced he is running for Mayor, the staff saw an opportunity to embarrass him.

It is apparent that certain members of the staff have been politicized by the Farbridge administration to the point where it is a civic embarrassment. Along the line, some staff members forgot they are civil servants.

It’s no wonder that the city has six senior managerial positions open and no takers.

Change at 1 Carden Street cannot come soon enough.

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The truth of the Piper power play

Dear Addressees:The following is an excerpt from the Subject meeting which bears on the question of Councillor Kovach’s summary removal from the Police Services Board:

“23. Moved by Councillor Laidlaw
Seconded by Councillor Furfaro
THAT Mayor Farbridge and Councillor Kovach be appointed to the Guelph Police Services Board for a four
year term expiring November,2014.

VOTING IN FAVOUR:Councillors Bell,Findlay,Furfaro,
Guthrie,Hofland,Kovach,Laidlaw,Piper,Van Hellemond,
Wettstein and Farbridge (11)


Does this not make it clear? Even Coun. Leanne Piper voted in January 2011 to appoint Coun. Gloria Kovach to the Guelph Police Services Commission for four years.

Why did Mayor Karen Farbridge allow this to be changed? A legally appointed member of Council was prevented from performing her appointed responsibilities. She was deposed by an 8 to 5 vote to satisfy the pure political lust of another councillor. Coun. Piper manipulated deposing a veteran and accomplished councillor. Then, was voted in by an 8 to 5 margin to replace Coun. Kovach

As the Late Ronald Reagan used to say: “There they go again.”



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