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Here’s how to help Glen Tolhurst recover his legal costs

Posted October 9, 2010

As you now know, the audit of Glen Tolhurst’s 2014 election expenses instigated by Karen Farbridge’s friend and supporter, Susan Watson, resulted in all of her frivolous allegations being groundless. The city appointed independent auditor’s official report, said Mr. Tolhurst did not contravene the Municipal Elections Act. Mr. Tolhurst was unsuccessful seeking a Ward Six council seat.

As a result of this investigation, Mr. Tolhurst was forced to defend himself against Watson’s false accusations.

The people of Guelph have been saddled with the $11,400 cost of the audit that was ordered by the Compliance Audit Committee, appointed by former mayor Farbridge. The committee refused to order Watson to pay the costs.

Mr. Tolhurst has been left with a legal bill, one that far exceeds the total amount he paid for his election campaign. He is asking you to consider help helping him pay the unwarranted costs of defending himself.

To that end, he has chosen Crowd Funding as a means of permitting people to make donations to help with his legal expenses. He has set up a GOFUNDME campaign. Donations may be made at the following link:

https://www.gofundme.com/n95uhsns .

Please click on the web site and consider making an online donation.

Feel free to spread this request far & wide particularly by Twitter, FaceBook, or other social media.

Guelphspeaks urges citizens to support this important cause. This investigation was an abuse of everyone’s right to run for office and to do so without the threat of falsified and inaccurate evidence.

Any questions, please contact Mr. Tolhurst at 519 826 0716 or email: glen46nor@gmail.com

Thank you for your support.

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