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Some sappy support for Guelph bicyclists

In a letter to the Mercury, a bicycle enthusiast claimed that greater use of bicycles would make Guelph “a more ecologically friendly and healthy place to live.”

Or will it?

The letter says the city has passed a bylaw that creates bike lanes on major roads.

Like all bike activists, the writer neglects to mention that using bikes for basic transportation is unrealistic for no other reason that the vagaries of the weather and basic demographics. It is an activity centred on the age group 18 to 45. That leaves a lot of citizens off the saddles and into motorized transportation.

Biking has become a cult of a minority segment of society that insists its way of life must be imposed on everyone. They make their case arguing the health aspects of riders, removal of cars from the roads when bikes take over and a greener atmosphere.

They fail to acknowledge that many bicyclists are undisciplined users of the public roads and sidewalks. They ignore stop sign and red lights according to a recent study in Toronto. Guelph police have stated that most bicycle accidents occur on the sidewalks where the law states they should not be.

Bicycles are vehicles and are subject to the Highway Traffic Act.

Bicyclists gain no respect from citizens when they thwart the rules of the road.

But they are a demanding lot!

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