Welcome to the Senate graveyard of the U.S, Constitution and Democracy

By Gerry Barker

December 30, 2019


So, my wife keeps saying to me, “so what?” We are Canadians, eh? We can’t vote there and we can’t change it. Do I sense a little negativity here?

Digging beneath the Trump tweets how he has been treated unfairly, the Senate Majority leader announced that he is working with the legal staff in the White House advocating that he is a Trump toady who is clinging to power.

Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, wants to know the Senate ground rule before sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate. Senate leader, Mitch McConnell, says there are no rules and quips that Pelosi wants to run the Senate.

The real story is Trump is the only Republican candidate for the 2020 Presidential election. Sure, there are other declared candidates for the job but the canny Mitch McConnell knows his caucus is solid to defeat the impeachment articles due to be sent to the Senate for trial.

This is a classic Texas standoff between the Speaker of the House of Representatives and Majority Senate leader McConnell.

So, one man is holding the country hostage. He will become the undertaker of the death of democracy in America.

Three years of chaos

It has taken the Trump administration three years to negotiate NAFTA saying the North American Free Trade Agreement was the worse deal the U.S. made and he was going to scrap it.

This was a classic dilemma, who needs friends when you need enemies?

The facts about NAFTA: Canada was the U.S. major trading partner. More Canadian goods and services were sold to the U.S. than China. The President twisted the negotiation stance saying Canada, for years, was ripping off the US by buying less from the U.S. thereby creating a phony trade deficit.

The truth is that the U.S. administration enjoyed a trade surplus with Canada under the NAFTA 20-year-trade agreement.

To bolster his support with his base of followers, Trump invokes steel and aluminum tariffs on Canadian suppliers. What he failed to consider was the impact of the tariffs on the NAFTA auto trade pact, an important part of the NAFTA deal made 20-years ago. It took more than a year to remove the tariffs when U.S auto manufactures and supporting parts supply companies would be damaged by the tariffs.

The Canadian government told the Trump NAFTA negotiators that the tariff had to be removed when a new agreement was reached.

USMCA is the new hit for the Village People

Along came the USMCA, the replacement of NAFTA. In Argentina, the three leaders shook hands on agreeing to the USMCA, That photo-op failed to have the governments of all three partners approve the deal.

The delay has been the result if a number of factors, not the least was the Democrats in 2018 wining the majority in the House of Representatives when Nancy Pelosi became the new Speaker of the House and third in line if the President and Vice President are unable to perform their responsibilities.

This inserted a new element in the USMCA trade agreement. Coupled with that was the number of House resolutions including gun control, prescription drug costs, Universal healthcare, relations with allies and a long list of resolution that were stone-stalled in the Senate by the leader, Mitch McConnell, who sets the agenda for members of the Senate to debate and approve or disapprove the House resolutions.

McConnel did not put the House resolutions on the floor of the Senate for debate.

Many of the House resolutions were already enjoyed in Canada, including controlling lower cost prescriptions, universal health care for all 37 million Canadians, a constitution guaranteeing personal rights for all citizens. Meaningful support of climate control and rediction of fossil fuel emissions are important to Canadians.

Vive la difference!

On the down side was the emasculation of the auto assembly operations. For all his promise to repatriate-manufacturing jobs to the U.S. Trump, in three years in office has seen the number of manufacturing jobs diminish.

The auto giants in America were adapting to innovative assembly operations using robots and just-in-time parts delivery to meet production demands.

The Donald Trump wrecking crew

But the Trump trade policies didn’t stop there. U.S. farmers selling their products to China lost contracts due to the Trump administration’s applying tariffs to Chinese imports.

This impacted Canadian producers pf soybeans and pork sold to China resulted in terminated contracts in retaliation of the arrest of a Chinese official in Vancouver. She was the Chief Financial Officer of one of the world’s largest tel-com and cyber-associated equipment. This woman was allowed to live in a multi-million dollar mansion in Vancouver but had to wear an ankle bracelet 24/7.

The Canadian government arrested her at the request of the Trump administration on charges of breaking U.S laws concerning complicated accounting laws. That was a year ago. In response, Canada demanded the release of two Canadians held in a Chinese prison on charges of esponage.

These events are the direct result of the destruction of trust and cooperation between our two countries.

There is little evidence of using diplomatic channels to resolve differences.

All we have witnessed is the destruction of alliances with our allies in which the President on the phone, told the Turkish President that he was pulling U.S, troops out of eastern Syria. Within days, Turkish militia entered Syria and attacked the Kurdish forces that were supported by the U.S. special forces who were training and operating the command and control system of the Kurdish forces.

That phone call betrayed a loyal and trusted ally who has eliminated the Isis radical Islamic forces from Eastern Syria. Some 14,000 Kurdish soldiers were killed in that three-year elimination of Isis.

Yet this is the President who has done everything, he set out to abolish the Affordable Care Act that is covering the health care costs of 20 million Americans.

He almost made it when the Senate voted to abolish the ACA but it was defeated by one vote, by Senator John McCain. He voted no and died about a year later.

Trump crowed that he would establish a heal care system that would be cheaper and cover more people than the ACA.

It never happened.

A Texas court strips parts of the ACA

Today, a recent Texas court ruled that the denial of pre-existent coverage by insurance companies was unconstitutional. It now moves to a higher court of appeal.

Understand that the President does not care about Canada. His re-election will destroy Democracy and human rights.

Finally, take the promise made by candidate Donald Trump to the out-of =work West Virginia coal miners that he would get the their jobs back and they would produce good clean coal,

How did that work for them?

A West Virginia Democrat, U.S. Senator, Joe Minchin, is quoted that he is not sure whether to cote for impeachment when the Senate trial begins.

Meanwhile, Trump is furiously tweeting insults and lies about his performance.

The potential is that Trump will be the first President to be re-elected on the volume of incoherent tweets.


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2 responses to “Welcome to the Senate graveyard of the U.S, Constitution and Democracy

  1. John Valean Baily

    So perfectly put.

  2. Glen

    Trump is an egotistical idiot. Pelosi should hold onto the articles of impeachment and let Trump twist in the breeze and tweet stupid comments. The Democrats plan should be threefold: Impeach, Defeat, Indict.

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