Sometimes the writer has feet of clay

By Gerry Barker

October 24, 2019


Well, some days are better than others.

This week it was the federal election in which the Liberals won 157 seats but not a majority.

My prediction that Mr. Dyck of the Green Party, would be elected was not only way off the mark but letting instinct dominate instead of trusting the polls. Mea culpa!

Green Party leader Elizabeth May now had two new MP’s to join her caucus of one.

I totally misjudged the power of the Green Party in Guelph that I felt would be a major factor on election day. Actually, Mike Schreiner, the leader of the Green Part in the Ontario Legislature was a runaway victor becoming a surprising factor in the 2018 provincial election. I presumed it would be a major factor in the Guelph federal election.

Dyck was matched against a Liberal incumbent, Lloyd Longfield, who spent a ton of money and the Green factor vanished.

It baffles me how the political pendulum swings in Guelph. First, the city voters are chiefly interested in progressive issues. Accordingly, the party candidates have owned Guelph federally. For 14 years now, the New Democrats and some Liberals have dominated our municipal administration. .

The loser on Monday was Green Party leader Mike Schreiner, the first member of that party to be elected in Ontario. One would think that he would be busy recruiting candidates and raising money to support National Green Party leader, Elizabeth May. I lost interest when about 11 p.m. I was tired of staring at the TV and the little green box that had the number 1 in it. .

It’s okay Mr. Dyck, my wife and I voted for you.

The NDP pushed hard again along with the Greens for proportional voting that incorporates a ranked ballot where voters select their one, two and third choices. You will recall that the Liberals said they would reform the first past the post system of electing a candidate federally, provincially and municipally.

For four years, it never appeared on the House of Commons order paper.

I believe only British Columbia uses proportional voting. With the current controlling party in B.C. is the minority NDP supported by two elected member of the Green Party.

This minority government is the official opposition to the Trans Mountain pipeline to move Alberta crude to new markets rimming the blue waters of the Pacific.

Makes one wonder what Prime Minister elect, Justin Trudeau, will do to get his pipeline built, seeing the party failed to elect a member west of Manitoba.




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3 responses to “Sometimes the writer has feet of clay

  1. G

    Gerry- I feel a more appropriate title would have been “Sometimes a writer has a brain fart”. I think you failed to recognize the backlash against the venom spread by Andrew Sneer (sic), & the fact the DOFO had so poisoned the waters of Ontario that even Ghandi could not get elected as a Conservative. You are a bit behind in your knowledge of which province has proportional voting, a the answer is none with BC having rejected it 3 times.
    I am hardly waiting with bated breath for the local social activist (you know who) to once again start expounding her desire for proportional voting and how much better, or like Italy, the election outcome would have been.
    Though the BC NDP which is supported by the Greens, oppose the Trans Mountain pipeline, watch the federal Liberals & Conservatives join hands to push the pipeline, coated with Prep H, thru parliament.
    Next time you try prognosticating political outcomes make sure to polish your crystal ball or dust of your OUIJA board.

    • G: The underlying story here is the two year decimation of the NDP in Guelph. The decay of the once powerful municipal organization, illustrates the impact of the Greens and resurgence of the Grits that has been remarkable. In your proportional voting comment you left out the State of Isreal where some 18 political parties all juggle for power. It’s known as the Pizza Parliament. Thanks for your comment.


    Gerry:I totally love pizza but not when it comes to election reform.Let’s put this idea of proportional voting to rest and put it in the ‘grey’ waste bin.

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