Never in living memory has a high school play by a future Prime Minister seem so much ado about nothing

By Gerry Barker

September 23, 2019


I remember when I was five, of a photo taken by my mother of my father giving me a sip of his beer while I was wearing his fedora while we were vacationing at Boskong Lake in the Kawarthas.

It’s a good thing I didn’t become prime minister for defying the blue stocking alcoholic laws on Ontario in the dirty 30’s. Regardless of what decade you came into this world, almost everyone can recall dumb, stupid stuff they did growing up.

While growing up in a sheltered manner as the oldest son of Canada’s Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau, Justin had the run of 24 Sussex and Kingsmere.

He learned his political craft at the knee of the PM. But like many families of the sexy sixties, there was conflict and the loss of his brother, Michel, under a Rocky mountain avalanche.

So here’s the bottom line.

He is accused of insulting minority groups by playing Aladdin in a high school play where he was teaching, 18 years ago.

I don’t know about you but I can’t remember what colour of a suit I owned and we had no shoe polish or tanned make-up in our lives.

We have a brilliant black son-in-law and our granddaughter who has just entered university where her e interest is science.

So why is the PM being attacked for his role in playing a person of colour. It was not a statement of rebuking people of colour. It was a high school play where he was a teacher. There are other photos floating around to drive up the anger level of people of colour.

Who are the racists here?

The irony rests in the four years as PM, his government has introduced legislation and policies to strengthen multiculturalism and opportunities for non-white citizens. These include the indigenous people, refugees and students seeking post secondary educations with many from non- white countries.

Point of interest: Canada allowed more refugees into the country than the United States. It should come as no surprise given the tragic and brutal treatment of refugees attempting to enter the U.S. The Trump administration’s actions included separating families and caging children and offering only limited opportunities for refugees to state their case.

The President’s solution is to build a 2,600-mile wall along the southern border of the U.S. to stop the flood of immigrants of colour to enter the country.

Now who are the racist?

Having said all that, Justin Trudeau made some mistakes including the SCLavelin scandal in which he bungled, as evidence surfaced that showed he was protecting the company from prosecution for a number of alleged criminal offenses.

That’s Trump’s mulligan to take another shot after a bad one. The blackface acting charges are more lethal than the SCLavelin scandal. He is facing an election in less than 30 days and despite abject apologies for his love of the theatre, and how it appears offensive and racist today.

It has stuck on him like the puck on Mitch Marner’s stick.

I predict there will be a backlash by many voters who see it as a penny-ante operation by the opposition parties’ calculated mischief.

It is mindful of the angry waiter who spit in the soup because the customer complained about the appetizer.

Time to get out of the sandbox kids.

It’s time to start talking about policy and why all parties should be concentrating on why they should be Prime Minister and the ruling party.

Let’s check out the polls and other election data to date.

The Liberals and Conservatives are in a dead heat at around 34 per cent. The NDP leads the Green Party that is on the brink of winning a record number of Liberal and NDP seats. The fringe parties follow the pack.

The latest reputable poll, post black face), puts the Conservative at 35 per cent and the Liberals at 30 per cent.

In Guelph, I predict that Steve Dyck, the Green party candidate, will win. The Liberals and Tories will battle it out for second and place. The NDP will run fourth and many of its supporters will support Mr. Dyck.

So Guelph voters remain in the Green Party ranks since electing Mike Schreiner to the Ontario Legislature last year.

Will Justin Trudeau survive? I predict he will win but not with a majority of seats. Let the deal making begin, as the Liberals will need help from the opposition to govern.

Minority government is not new. Often it proves to be very productive as ideas and action produce results the people will appreciate.


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One response to “Never in living memory has a high school play by a future Prime Minister seem so much ado about nothing

  1. Glen

    You are right on wrt Trudeau’s playing Aladdin in a school play. Note that nobody in Quebec is speaking out against it. Only the largely white male political scumbags, such as Scheer’s conservatives, are making a big thing about it. It ain’t no scandal. If Justin acted with out make up, some politically correct idiot would be ragging on him about “cultural appropriation”. Crikey! Just get over it.
    Now for the SNC Lavalin bollix, a former indigenous chief turned down a portfolio offered by her boss, the PM. In the real world who turns down a promotion offered by their boss and doesn’t get fired or exiled to a back bench role? Did she think she was still a prosecutor in East Vancouver fighting to send druggies to the slammer? What an ego! Trudeau’s only mistake was appointing her to the cabinet in the Justice portfolio.

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