The Fascist President who believes he is the American Fuhrer

By Gerry Barker

November 5, 2018


Tomorrow is Election Day in America.

President Donald Trump is not on the ballot but in reality, he is.

Last Friday night in Toronto, thousands turned out at Roy Thomson Hall to protest the two guest speakers’ presentation of the new America. The occasion was the Munk lectures inviting the public to hear the voices of politics, arts and culture.

Steve Banion, former senior advisor to President Trump and a far right American nationalist, and David Frum, son of the late Canadian broadcaster Barbara Frum were the two speakers. Mr. Frum was a senior advisor to former president George W. Bush and frequent guest on cable TV in the U.S. He is currently a senior editor of the Atlantic magazine and an author.

Both speakers were met with a coalition of some 40 organizations, protesting the guest speakers’ political points of view and recent performance proponents of the conservative far right agenda. It would be unfair to label Mr. Frum as a Trump supporter, far frum (sic) it. He has spoken and written often about how Trump is degrading the Republican Party in the U.S.

The presentation started 45 minutes late due to the crush of protesters and people trying to get in the hall. It ended with a glitches outcome that stated Bannion won. It was reversed. Perhaps the Munk organizers should recalibrate their lectures and debates.

Dumping the Trump effect

So the protestors leaving 12 persons hurt, a few charged and a long period of shouted chaos surrounding the hall dismissed the Trump fake doctrine.

This election on Tuesday is the first time that Trump can be judged, following his first two years in office, by the voters. It has been two years of chaos in the White House where the president munches on cheeseburgers and diet cokes, eyes glued on Fox News, while tweeting streams of invective lies and self-serving messages to his core supporters.

Trump is never wrong, never apologetic, and is frequently dishonest or displays the intellect of a five year-old.

And yet, according to the media, the real media not the fake media that he excoriates, some 40 million supporters believe him for a variety of reasons.

Any negative story or statement concerning him or his performance is attacked using pejorative descriptions of legitimate reporters and editors. No one is safe who dares to criticize him. The Washington Post team of 11 fact-checkers has determined that in two years, Trump has told 6,700 lies.

His targets were identified a couple of weeks ago by a Trump supporter who mailed explosive pipe bombs to 15 persons. All recipients were Democrat leaders and supporters including two former, two-term Presidents, Republican George W. Bush and Democrat Barack Obama.

Don’t bother me with the details

Trump never contacted either former presidents offering support.

Quick work by the coalition of law enforcement agencies arrested the guy who was living in a van, plastered with photos of Trump and a picture of Hillary Clinton with a gun sight circle super imposed on her face. Evidence revealed the bomb maker was a Trump supporter who attended a number of his rallies.

It represented a metaphor of the Trump Presidency, making and mailing pipe bombs is one thing, getting them to explode is another matter. Trump tweeted only referring to the threat as “the bomb thing.”

Fortunately, not one of the devices exploded but the nation was appalled and frightened over these attacks on the Democratic leadership and billionaire Democrat investor, supporter George Soros, who was sent one bomb to his home that was intercepted by security and another in his New York office.

Just eight days following the arrest of the bomber in Florida, a lone gunman, armed with a modified AR15 assault rifle and three Glock handguns, entered a Synagogue in Pittsburgh and killed 11 worshippers on the Jewish Sabbath.

Although wounded, the man told police that he wanted to kill all the Jews.

The Following Tuesday, against the advice of Synagogue officials, Trump, his wife, daughter and husband attended the murder scene. Some 25,000 protestors assembled nearby, shouted their objections to Trumps uninvited appearance. Trump later tweeted that there were only a few protestors who were far away.

Your Commander in Chief needs his army

Trump sloughed off the “bomb thing” and turned up the volume about the thousands of Central American asylum seekers heading toward the U.S border in a caravan, on foot and many without shoes. These people included women and children who are escaping from Honduras because it is nation in total economic chaos, with daily murders, high unemployment and incompetent government.

Trump called it an invasion of America and ordered 5,000 regular army troops to the border to join the 22,000 border patrol officers and some 2,900 National Guardsmen reservists, already backing up the border guards.

Trump justified his decision claiming the caravan-contained murderers, people from Middle East countries, thieves and rapists, determined to take over America.

The fact the unarmed caravan of some 4,000 were some 700 miles away from the U.S. border, moving at 20 miles a day, did not deter Trump from attacking them daily. In one of his tweets he claimed that persons in the caravan threw rocks at Mexican army troops and police.

One wag quipped that the NRA gun organization should now be called the National Rock Association.

OOPS! Judgment alert

Of course, none of this should ever happen because the US constitution prevents U.S. armed forces from firing weapons at anyone on U.S. soil. The last time that happened was when Ohio National Guard soldiers fired on unarmed students protesting the Viet Nam war at Kent State University. Eight students were killed in the fusillade.

That slaughter of the Kent State student’s shocked America and the world. It marked the beginning of the U.S. withdrawal from Viet Nam.

The president, stoking the fires of fear shortly after, claimed the Honduras caravan contained bad people that were “invading” the U.S. He then ordered the U.S. Army to send up to 15,000 regular soldiers to defend the border against the Honduras horde. He went on to say at his rallies to make America Great again, that if the “invaders” threw rocks hitting the troops they would fire on the group wanting to enter the U.S.

If there was ever a reason to vote tomorrow, it is to elect candidates to stop these incessant Trump attacks on a group of unarmed people just wanting a better opportunity to live and work in America.

The Trump fear-mongering assault on the helpless and the innocent replicates the fantasy remarkably similar to those narcissistic personalities, Napoleon and Genghis Khan, two ambitious strongmen who he emulates.

He keeps saying: I am the President.””

His thesis of protecting the southern U.S border from immigrants seeking asylum is a Fascist ploy to stoke fear among U.S. citizens. The President is a fake, a Fascist and pathological liar. Why should any thinking person believe him now?

Get the hell away from my country

It remains just one of many reasons to stop the accusatory rhetoric by a President. He is a man who has made America worse again. He cozies up to dictators, the neo-Nazis and U.S white supremacists. He denigrates people of colour. He has alienated powerful allies and he is incapable of telling the American public the truth.

He frequently blames Canada as unfair traders who have ripped off America. Actually, the U.S. has had a trade surplus with Canada for the NFTA lifetime.

He and his sycophantic sidekick, Mike Pence, have taken America down a perilous path leading to isolation and economic disaster.

Tomorrow, hopefully will be the beginning of the end of Trump power and that of his followers.

The early indicator of a record-breaking advance voter turnout is the surging numbers of people who have already voted. Power change is coming to Washington.

Mr. President, your bunker is ready, sir. While Mr. Pence joining you?




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11 responses to “The Fascist President who believes he is the American Fuhrer

  1. Glen

    The largest number of illegal immigrants/asylum seekers to the US fly in & overstay their visas, to the tune of 11,000 /year. Trump is a mental midget with the attention span of a gnat & the mental capacity of a 3 year old in diapers. He is making the US a place to be avoided by rationale people, including snow birds.

  2. Isn’t this blog called ‘Guelph Speaks’? What does your I’ll inform opinions of the US elections have to do with Guelph? ….just respectfully asking….

    • T.A. Girouard: Well, it has a lot to do with Guelph. Our largest private manufacturing complex, Linamar and sub-plants feeding parts and materials to the 19 Linamar plants in Guelph. Any shift affecting in the current draft free-trade agreement puts all of us still at risk if the Republican retain the majority in the House and the Senate. The USMCA deal has yet to be ratified by Congress. The tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum shipped to the U.S are still not removed makes any deal replacing NAFTA uncertain. Dairy farmers near the city are also facing a 3 per cent reduction in market share awarded to the U.S. dairy industry under the terms of the USMCA.These are all threats to the workers in the private sector in and around Guelph. Because the city’e services and small businesses would be affected. Another indicator of danger is the the Canadian banks in which share prices have dropped.

      The only folks who would not be directly impacted are the thousands of public employees working in the city with job security guaranteed by the city, province and federal governments. Thanks for your comment. I rarely stray from the Guelph political briar patch but feel this U.S election could have far-reaching implications if the Trump rebublicans retain power today, November 6.

    • Joseph Paul Phelan

      you still are too damn long winded!!!!

    • Joseph Paul Phelan

      Stick to a Coles notes type of comment….tired of your babbling.

  3. Rena

    Unfortunately, whether we like it or not, what happens in the US affects Canada greatly. We are not an island onto ourselves. You do remember NAFTA, don’t you?

  4. Rena

    To Joseph Paul Phelan: Here is a great suggestion for you. If you feel that Gerry is too long winded, I would suggest you not read his blog. Problem solved.

  5. Glen

    2 thumbs up for Rena.. 1 for each comment, both of which hit the nail on the head!

  6. Please stop giving your opinion on such importance, Gerry Barker, I Agree that the US polices can affect us…kudos to you for his spectacular insight , but your ‘pontificating ‘ will do nothing to affect this….stick to the mismanagement and taxpayers waste that our LOCAL government does…

    • T.A. Girouard: I think you missed the point. I only report the news and I comment. I have written 990 posts on since 2011 almost 95 per cent are comments on the local political scene. Allow me to stray across the border on occasion to comment on the policies of the U.S. administration and its impact on Canada including Guelph.

  7. Guido

    T A Girouard Guelph Speaks is the only source of local news, Our local media is missing in lack of action. Leave Gerry on lone, it’s called freedom of speech.

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