How bad is it?Paty

By Gerry Barker

Election Day 2018

We voted today. It was easiest decision for us because we saw the numbers.

The wreckage remaining of the Liberal government that their leader orchestrated in the past four years that she abandoned last Saturday, by saying the party was over, is a an unprecedented betrayal of trust.

But she had good reasons. The people finally tired of the Liberal government as data of the shape of the province dripped like the Chinese water torture in a steady stream. In the past 18 months, the outpouring revelations of mismanagementand uncontrolled spending spread across the spectrum of power possessed by the Wyne Liberals.

This time the people figured it out and defeated the Liberals before the election today.

Here are some of the details that turned off the public and led to today’s election result.

In its spring budget, the Liberal government projected the net public debt of money owed is $325 billion or $22,500 for every person living in Ontario, all 8.5 milliom of us.

The Minister of Finance, Charles Sousa, predicted that there would be six consecutive deficits in which more money is flowing out than is flowing into the government’s coffers. This year, the Minister projected a deficit of $6.7 billion. However the Financial Accountability Office (FAO) expects the current projected deficit will be $12 billion.

At this pace, the provincial net debit will be $360 billion within three years. The FAO has government spending to push the debt to $400 billion by 2021.

So why should we worry about this today when we select a new government?

Because of the carrying charges that increase when more money has to be borrowed to keep the government costs, and promises, from going bankrupt.

The debt rating agency Moody’s says the province has an AA2 rating, one of the highest among the twin provinces and territories The exceptions are Yukon and Newfoundland.

The bottom line is the trap of higher interest rates that will suck up money that will not be available for such vital programs as healthcare, education, welfare, urban transportation, energy and industrial development.

Yet the growing debt repayment is greater that three of these vital provincial responsibilities.

Now you have to ask yourself:

Will Green Part candidate Mike Schreiner, if elected, change this? He is the leader of a party of one that will not be recognized as an official party in the Ontario Legislature.

Electing Agnieszka Mlynarz of the NDP whose platform increases social programs that outstrip the promises made by the Liberals, will change the vital signs of the province of Ontario that most voters recognize and who demand change.

Will the Liberals ride out of the West and save their Guelph candidate, Sly Castaldi, and the other 53 Liberal incumbents after the Liberal leader bailed out? If the polls are accurate the Liberals may join the Green Party without official party status in the Legislature.

By supporting the Liberals and Green Party, both are incapable of either forming a government even in a minority. There is no firepower there.

So today in Guelph there is a tight race but it is vital that voters turn out to express their support.

In my opinion this is a pivotal point in the history of our province. The issues are clear and it is now our turn to decide which party will form a government Friday.

I can predict, with confidence, that it will not be the Green Party or the Liberals.

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One response to “How bad is it?Paty

  1. LenH

    So now that the crooks have been turfed from The Ontario legislature, let’s get focused on getting rid of the social engineering spendthrifts on city council who have caused my taxes on a piddly 1950 square foot bungalow go from $4416.08 in 2011 to 6090.52 this year. You do the math on the percentage increase and I will do the math on the increase in services. Does not compute. Let’s send that self serving group to the curb too. And maybe they will get collected on garbage day if they meet any or all of the blue/grey/green requirements.

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