Only ten days to go for Doug Ford to face the Nabobs of negativity

By Gerry Barker

May 28, 2018

It’s a peculiar election with the emphasis on puffy style and forgetting the substance of a Liberal government that’s long past its due date.

The case for the prosecution is clear. The Wynne Liberals have pushed its social engineering so far to the left that it is teetering on a wipeout at the polls.

Still not convinced? The fundamental problem is the absence of sound financial management of the public’s money. This is accompanied by driving up energy costs by borrowing $4 billion to pay for a limited reduction in electricity; hiking user fees and new taxes including taxing tangible belongings after you die on top of probate fees.

How did you benefit when the minimum wage was increased by $2.60 an hour and will be bumped by another buck next January. On top of the rewrite of the labour code, part-time workers are now entitled to the same benefits as full-time workers. Benefits such as sick leave, vacation time and the new one, personal family leave with pay.

Is it any wonder why the economy of Ontario is suffering as southwestern Ontario is being labeled as Canada’s Rust Belt? This is due to the disappearance of manufacturing jobs that will never come back.

So, while Toronto has become the Centre of the provincial universe and the benefactor of the Liberals dominance of seats in the GTA, this government has earned the position of running last in recent polls, for good reasons.

The Toronto Star, early last week, published an editorial encouraging Guelph voters to support the Green Party Leader, Mike Schreiner. Thanks Star, but Guelph’s voters can think for themselves and predictably, Mike will not represent the city when the ballots are counted.

Now I know this is going to enrage those folks who believe in the dangers of Climate Change, as I share that view.

Here’s another Toronto Star doozy. Just the other day it published a page one report about Doug Ford denying “role in fake membership.” But placed prominently on the right of the story was a colourful box stating a poll showed Andrea Horwath of the NDP with 47 percent of the respondents; Doug Ford of the PC’s had 33 per cent; Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals were at 14 per cent and Mike Schreiner was at 4 per cent.

The poll was taken by Forum Research and was described by The Star that it was the most recent poll and played it big time.

According to the Star report, Forum used an interactive voice response system and contacted 906 persons across the Province. How many calls did Forum make with this interactive system (robo call) before actually receiving an answer and comment?

In my opinion this poll was so far out of whack even when compared to another Forum poll done May 9. It reported the Ford Tories at 40 per cent, followed by the NDP at 33 per cent, the Liberals at 22 per cent and the Green Party at 4 per cent.

One thing is clear, Mike Schreiner is holding last in both polls at 4 per cent.

This is the greatest comeback since Judy Garland sang “Somewhere over the Rainbow.”

This represents a 14 per cent swing favouring the NDP in just 16 days!

However, if Forum hit the mother load of NDP respondents in publishing the poll, later polls suggest the race is very close with Ms. Horwath’s NDP at 37 per cent and Mr. Ford’s Tories at 36 per cent.

Predictably, the last ten days will be a wild push for all parties.

The battle will be fought in the ridings across the province.

Regardless of your political persuasion, this is going to be a barnburner and I wouldn’t bet on the outcome.

But this is an election about change. Under our parliamentary system, the party that elects the most number of its candidates forms the new government.

Following last night’s leadership debate, the NDP may have slipped because its leader, Andrea Horwath, frequently talked over the other participants. The battle of words between Premier Wynne and Horwath witnessed Doug Ford sitting back and let them go at it.

The PC leader scored some good points about the state of the provinces’ finances particularly the cost of carrying the provincial debt of $12 billion a year.


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5 responses to “Only ten days to go for Doug Ford to face the Nabobs of negativity

  1. Joe Black

    From the Zany right , lying Liberals or the Socialist NDP not one of the can or will reduce the debt of $312,000,000,000.00 and still pay the compounding interest which is $11,000,000,000.00. I’ll pass on voting it means BS anyway.

    • voter

      I agree with you Joe. Can’t see endorsing any of the nonsense on display in last night’s debate. But I cannot give up my vote, the one tiny thing that gives me a say.
      Unlike most other places in Ontario, Guelph has an actual alternative. Mike Schreiner is by far the best candidate, and his voice would be of great value at Queen’s Park. He is not all about the environment. For instance, after all the shouting about hallway medicine, Schreiner was direct – what we need is to address the crisis in primary care. And we need to focus on alternatives to going to Emergency Departments, like urgent care clinics. If any candidate from the Big Three said something like that, they would have my vote. But they are too busy playing dirty politics and promising the sun moon and stars without saying where the money’s coming from.

    • Voter: I appreciate your loyalty to Mike Schreiner, the Leader of the Ontario Green Party. My reading of the polls in May have Mr. Schreiner at 4 per cent of the total voter aggregate. That’s a steep hill to climb in just ten days. As Kermit the Frog would day: “It isn’t easy being green.”

  2. Elaine

    In regards to not voting…my father used to have a saying…if you don’t vote, don’t bitch about the outcome. So I always vote. If I don’t like any of the candidates I vote anyway and ask at the polling station to decline my ballot. The declined ballots have to be counted and that sends a message.

  3. Guido

    Regardless of how one feels , voting is a why we are a free nation. We all should vote, otherwise don’t complain.

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