Coun. James Gordon, Godfather of the left, walks away from turning Guelph into a “Sanctuary City,” for now

By Gerry Barker

March 30, 2017

My goodness. is Trumpism creeping into Guelph.?

Just last week, the Attorney General of the United States, Jeff Sessions, announced a crackdown on those U.S cities that have declared they are “Sanctuary Cities.” There a number of them and even the State of Maryland, is considering making the whole state a Sanctuary to protect the oppressed, illegal immigrants and the alleged underclass suppression by law enforcement.

Session threatens to withdraw federal funding by his Justice Department that will impact local police and support staffs.

Tell me, James, does that sound like Guelph?

Are we in such danger that the feds will cut off the gas-tax rebate?

This was another cute way of spending more money on the supporters of the left and for your benefit coming October 2018. James, you commented that you have received a lot of support as well as criticism. If the comments published online in Guelph Today are any indication, it indicates the greater majority is negative about your proposal.

Otherwise, why would you pull your own bill, seconded by Phil Allt, off the table?

Instead, you said there is a movement to have a “ made in Guelph” solution. You claim that a number of community and faith groups were working on the alternative “made in Guelph” solution to a problem that does not exist.

Perhaps your friends at 10 Carden Street, the motherlode of social action, were standing too close to the campfire when this was cooked up.

Reading from a prepared statement, Gordon said: “A diversity of perspectives has come forward in this regard with ideas to further our reputation as a safe, welcoming community.”

So help me, I can’t make this stuff up.

Let’s step back a bit. Remembering that for every action there is a reaction, one is reminded of how Donald Trump was elected President of the U.S. For example, he artfully created a problem such as America is weak militarily and is now proposing to spend $58 billion expanding the military. He claimed America was weak and unprepared and are terrible trade negotiators. And the people believed him when he said he would fix it if elected president.

Coun. Gordon pulled his “City of Sanctuary” motion right out of the Trump playbook.

Create a negative talking point, true of not, and propose a solution.

If council ever approves his proposal, immediately the Guelph Police Service personnel would face serious problems in carrying out their responsibilities. Once the word gets out, Guelph will be a magnet for individuals looking for trouble and breaking the law.

The fallout would include a lot of civil rights lawsuits brought against the police who are charged with keeping the peace. It would also affect the hospital and city maintenance staffs, firemen and EMS personnel.

We live in a diverse and peaceful city. It would be a mistake to say we are perfect but there is no way to adapt and employ the tactics in U.S. Sanctuary cities.

We are a welcoming community regardless of race, religion or politics.

To suggest otherwise is the root and effort of a minority political group who believe it’s broken and needs fixing.

In my opinion, as independent citizens without malice or prejudice, we should be prepared to elect a more balanced and independent council next year. The last ten years have witnessed dozens of proposals from the left for which we have all paid dearly

Think of what has prevented the downtown library project, South End recreation centre, the Niska bridge repair, repairing aging city infrastructure, just being able to park downtown.

The money was spent elsewhere on self-serving pet projects accompanied by financial mismanagement.

Just track your tax bills for the past few years to see where the money goes, from us to a council to be carelessly spent.

This is just another example of how our money is wasted.



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5 responses to “Coun. James Gordon, Godfather of the left, walks away from turning Guelph into a “Sanctuary City,” for now

  1. Louis

    Yea Gordon’s just a social justice warrior , my buddy and his network of friends will have a field day when they see this but they are more hard right and alt right. It could be our only hope to get rid of Gordon

  2. Glen

    Not all flakes fall from clouds & land on the ground, some end up around the council horseshoe.

  3. Sanctuary City? For who? Living in Guelph 40 years and attending church regularly I can tell you with experience: Guelph is no sanctuary for WASP’s. You’ll do much better with a rainbow flag or if you are a refugee. My late father counselled his son to “Vote with your hand, then vote with your mouth, then if that doesn’t work, then as a last measure vote with your feet.” Sound advice, imho. Yes, I voted for a mayor that promised me personally to keep taxes within the changes in CPI. Yes, I have spoken at city hall about the Bailey Bridge to people with deaf ears. Now, my boots are laced. Also, I would gladly give James Gordon twenty bucks to get a hair cut, and another twenty for drama and/or music lessons. Have you ever watched him sing O Canda? Certainly memorable to me. Call me Trumpish if you like, but neither of us are a Saviour to what lies ahead. It is my opinion 2008 will seem like a Sunday School picnic.

  4. Capricorn

    Why does the city continue to give tax dollars to 10 Carden? Special interest groups dominate that location and it should be left to the citizens which ones, if any, they support.

  5. geo

    James Gordon; hands down the best argument against legalizing marijuana.

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