Exclusive on guelphspeaks – A three part series proving you are paying too much in takes

Posted October 20, 2015

Don’t miss Wednesday’s first part expose of that giant sucking sound of your money being used to pay for failed policies.

The first part of a three-part series details how the policies of the former Farbridge administration has driven up per-person operating costs that are 50 per cent higher than Kitchener or Cambridge.

Parts Two and Three will follow daily with more information and action that needs to be taken by the citizens to stop the rising costs that are crippling the city’s ability to pay.

It has been a long time coming but the crisis is here today.

Check out the figures and details how our city has been hi-jacked by a dedicated group of individuals determined to impose policies and spending on the citizens of Guelph.

It’s time to call a halt and get our city’s financial house in order.

*            *            *            *

Help Glen Tolhurst pay his legal costs for being falsely accused

Glen Tolhurst, a former candidate for council in ward six, was singled out last April as contravening the Municipal Elections Act (MEA) for receiving a donation from a third party.

Susan Watson, friend and supporter of defeated mayor Karen Farbridge, made the complaint. She applied to the Compliance Audit Committee who ordered an audit of Mr. Tolhurst’s official election financial statement. She claimed that Tolhurst received an illegal donation of $400 from GrassRoots Guelph (GRG).

An independent audit of Tolhurst’s report found he did not contravene the MEA and that GRG acted legally in making the donation. The citizen’s of Guelph must pay $11,400 toward the costs of this costly and irresponsible complaint by Susan Watson.

This shouldn’y happen to anyone who runs for office.

Now Mr. Tolhurst is asking for help to pay his legal bills incurred during his defence of the Watson allegations

You can donate through the following link:

https://www.gofundme.com/n95uhsns .

Please click on the web site and consider making an online donation. Feel free to broadcast this request far & wide particularly by Twitter, Face Book, or other social media,

Thanks for your support.






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