Is Benjamin Netanyahu ready to push the nuclear button?

By Gerry Barker

From the Guelphspeaks International file

Posted October 4, 2015

When the Prime Minister of Israel spoke to the United Nations General Assembly last Thursday, his anti-Iran rhetoric fell on deaf ears. In fact he stared at the audience for 45 seconds waiting for any recognition of support. There was deathly silence.

Mr. Netanyahu has addressed the U.S. Congress on his objection to the proposed Iran nuclear deal that has yet to be ratified by U.S legislators. Four other major powers including Russia and China, are part of the agreement to control nuclear weapon development in Iran.

The Israeli leader says the agreement reached between Iran and the major powers in the world will not stop the threat of Iranian expansion of its Middle East interests through support of terrorist organizations Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas, that have attacked Israel.

The State of Israel has received billions in support of its government, its defences, military training and intelligence. Israel today is a power in the Middle East and possesses nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them.

For Netanyahu to bring up the holocaust and the 6 million Jews who died at the hands of the Nazis, does not mean that those nations who supported the state in its 67 years should now defend the wishes of the Israelis. They have refused to settle with the Palestinians but instead keep encroaching on the designated Palestinian lands.

The Israeli’s have walked away from numerous attempts to make peace with the Palestinians. The rhetoric coming from the right wing elements of the government makes it impossible to come to agreement. This includes the current Iran Nuclear agreement awaiting ratification by the nations involved.

To bring this crashing down, all it would take is a cruise missile, tipped with a tactical nuclear warhead, to be launched by Israel, targeting Damascus or Teheran to start World War 3.

The Israeli Defence Forces are the best equipped and trained in the Middle East and have nuclear capability. Most of the military equipment is supplied by the U.S. and meets high standards of battle efficiency.

This is one of the reasons why Netanyahu has become so bellicose in his speeches on the world stage. While he says the U.S. and Israel are best of friends, he disparages the U.S. efforts to bring peace to the region. He criticizes President Obama for his efforts to obtain a nuclear arms deal with Iran to stop that country from developing the bomb for at least 10 years.

In his own backyard, he is unwilling to settle land claims with the Palestinian Authority. The extreme right wing parties in the Knesset, with whom he must cooperate, influence him. This legislative body is known as “The Pizza Parliament” because of proportional voting in Israel that requires voters to rank their vote among the candidates seeking election.

The New Democrat Party in Canada through its Fair Vote organization is promoting adopting this voting system if elelcted to form the government. In Canada, there are only four major parties. In Israel, there are 25 parties seeking election to the Knesset. This results in continuous minority governments in which there is little chance of a one party majority.

Netanyahu’s warnings that Iran will break any nuclear deal has resonated with members of the Republican Party in Congress many of whom say they will vote against the Iran agreement.

The concern of course is will Israel choose to unilaterally act using its powerful nuclear weaponry?

Retired newspaper executive, Gerry Barker is the editor of, a blog commenting on community, provincial and national affairs. He may be reached at:




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One response to “Is Benjamin Netanyahu ready to push the nuclear button?

  1. Glen N. Tolhurst

    Before anyone gets their knickers in a knot about Netanyahu’s or Iran’s nuclear weapons, let’s pause & take a look at the Arabian peninsula & surrounding countries from 30,000 ft, as they say. The sun is glinting off the solidified globules of green glass that is a by product of desert sand being subjected to multiple nuclear explosions. Step back a moment or two to see that the cause of this was Iran “popping off” a nuke weapon at Israel, in spite of knowing that the US Navy had several nuclear armed subs on patrol within striking distance of the area. Sub launched cruise and/or ICBM missiles obliterated the Arab countries and sent any survivors back to caves in the waste land desert.
    Given that scenario, what country would engage in mutually assured destruction of the area?

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