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Posted September 5, 2015

Watson’s political indiscretion – – Stephen, sometimes silence is golden – – Quote of the week – – Trump, the mouth that roared – – Cam’s whistling past the graveyard

Should the public pay for Susan Watson’s audit?

This week, the Compliance Audit Committee (CAC) will meet to hear delegates and written submissions before making a decision regarding William Molson’s audit report.

Despite the report findings that exonerated both Glen Tolhurst and GrassRoots Guelph (GRG) of contravening the Municipal Election Act, the Watson forces are trying to avoid paying the costs of the investigation.

It reminds one of Kabuki theatre that has no beginning and no ending. In fact, reading comments by the city clerk and supporters of Susan Watson, the whole exercise that she created might as well have been conducted in Japanese.

But this was for real as the Watson gaggle of Farbridge supporters used city funds with the complicity of certain senior officials, to bury Mr.Tolhurst and citizen’s activist group, GRG.

If you believe that Susan Watson should pay these costs, then demonstrate your feelings by attending the meeting this Thursday, September 10 at 5:30 p.m. in the council chambers.

Susan Watson should pay for the city-financed costs of this audit, but is the fix in?.

*            *            *            *

Was this rigging the election audit decision?

When City Clerk Stephen O’Brien told the Mercury this week that Susan Watson would not have to pay the city back for her frivolous complaint about Glen Tolhurst’s $400 donation from GRG to his ward six election campaign, the cat was among the canaries.

His comment triggered the belief that senior members of the city staff and the Compliance Audit Committee (CAC) engineered the complaint process from early last April.

The clue is former mayor Karen Farbridge appointed O’Brien, the three CAC members, CAO Ann Pappert and deputy CAO, Mark Amorosi. This goes beyond coincidence but is reality.

O’Brien became judge and jury with the comment that Watson paying the audit costs “won’t happen”.

The three members of the CAC have now been painted into the corner by the clerk’s statement. They are faced with a Hobson’s choice: They are damned if they send a recommendation to council that Watson should pay, or face the anger of the public if they decline.

*            *            *            *

Quote of the week

The Canada election campaign suffers from electile dysfunction:

The inability to become aroused over any of the choices for Prime Minister put forth by any party in the 2015 election year.

*            *            *            *

Republicans are nuts: Donald Trump and building a wall between Canada and the U.S.

Donald trump, salesman, provocateur, prevaricator. This guy could sell bird poo on a shingle and the people would buy it. Cue loud cheers.

Trump keeps saying that if elected president, he would negotiate with Mexico to build a wall along the Mexico/U.S. border and they would pay for it. Cue loud cheers

Then he says he will stop all the Mexican bad guys, including rapists, from entering the U.S. while promising to deport some 11 million undocumented Hispanics. Cue louder cheers.

At the same time he says the Hispanics love him and will vote for him. More cheers.

Donald, you really shanked that one.

Not to be left out in the Trumperama wall campaign, presidential Republican candidate, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, told an interviewer that he was in favour of building an 8,400 KM wall between Canada and the U.S. Mr. Walker obviously has not done basic thinking on this campaign proposal.

The absurdity of building a wall through the middle of the Great Lakes would be an engineer’s feat rivaling the pyramids. Walker’s better idea is to build a wall around Wisconsin to keep his disgruntled electorate in and the rest of the world out.

This is a guy who still believes the earth is flat and there is no such thing as climate change.

But Wisconsin makes great cheese, though.

*            *            *            *

The mayor wants to move on from Urbacon

The Mercury got it right with its recent editorial about shifting the Urbacon affair to the city’s back burner. It quoted the Mayor: “It’s now time to turn our focus to the things that make our city great and new ideas that make it better.”

Cam! What happened to your election promise to eliminate the “Guelph Factor?”

The editorial goes on to quote the Mayor: “I sincerely hope that this (audit) will take a heavy burden off our collective backs and help us focus on great things happening in our city now and the great things that are about to happen in our future”.

Hmm, Cam, can you be more specific about all these great things happening and about to happen?

Do you believe that the 3.94 per cent property tax increase council voted for this year and replenishing the funds taken from the three reserves to pay off Urbacon settlement, that these serious issues should go away and we move on?

The staff keeps growing, the infrastructure keeps crumbling and the policies and senior personnel of the previous administration are still intact.

People had high hopes that you would grapple with the problems created by your predecessor. But not much has changed.

The long shadow of Karen Farbridge is still covering operations. The people see it and the Mercury editorial echoes the concern that platitudes and promises won’t cut it.

The people take a $14 million mistake seriously.



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