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Posted August 22, 2015

Sex and the city – Shake-up in Waste Management – Phil Allt’s applesauce and marmalade comparison

The survey says: Guelph is right up there when it comes to online adult dating credit card transactions

WARNING – Content in this posting may be offensive to some, particularly if you are a taxpayer.

This week, the adult dating service Ashley was hacked, twice. Credit card transactions revealed which postal codes indicated where Canadians spent most money on the website’s services. The company that operates the Ashley website, Avid Life Media Inc., is located in Toronto. It also operates another website called

Guelph is fifth of all Canadian municipalities with the top spending on Ashley Madison postal codes. The analysis, reported in the Toronto Star, said the total Ashley Madison credit card transactions came from only one postal code in this city.

The top five municipalities in the country by postal code that spent money to hook up on the adult dating site were:

Toronto – $233,220.60

Lloydminster – $146,024.20

Milton – $132,206.34

Oakville – $130,134.89

Guelph – $126,200.32

What in heck is going on in Lloydminster?

In Guelph’s case, the concentration of transactions in only one postal code indicates a high concentration of computers located within that postal code area. The number of addresses in the area determines the size of the postal code.

The question is, which postal code in Guelph has this high concentration of relentless libido? With a population of 121,000 and a number of postal codes, does it not seem strange the just one would be so super engaged with Ashley Madison?

The analysis reported that there was high usage of the Ashley Madison site in the Department of National Defence and the House of Commons. This indicates that those credit card payments emanated from those in the public service allegedly using government computers.

Taking it a step further, is it possible that in Guelph, the high concentration of publically owned computers is in the City of Guelph’s site located in postal code, N1H 3A1? Or perhaps it might be the postal code of the University of Guelph where there is an abundance of university owned computers. But most students could not afford computer dating.

The irrefutable fact is that in just one of Guelph’s postal codes there is a lot of seething hormonal activity going on. Could it be city hall? Or is it the downtown library, police headquarters or fire department HQ? There are a lot of computers in the Ontario Service Centre on Stone road.

Remember, all this horny activity came from only one postal code in the city.

So, go with the concentration of publically owned computers in one environment and a single postal code. It appears that across the country, there is evidence that public money and equipment is being used to promote, attract and connect with partners. The objective is not tea and crumpets, or somebody to talk to or share life’s disappointments.

It’s all about sex, baby.

*            *            *            *

City hires a new General Manager of Environmental Services

Say hello to Ramesh Ummat, P.Eng. He assumes command of the city’s solid waste resources, water and wastewater departments.

The solid waste department lately has been under scrutiny for being very un-environmental. Residents living near the Waste Resources Innovation Centre WRIC), have been complaining of odours for more than a month. The Ministry of the Environment (MOE) ordered a clean up of certain facilities including storage of materials outside the recycling facility.

The next question is where does this leave Dean Wyman the current general manager of waste resources?

While Mr. Ummat is highly qualified, why was it necessary for a 10-month search to hire a manager from Nova Scotia, who is possibly unfamiliar with the MOE laws in Ontario?

In the end it is results that count and there is a big job ahead for the new man to clean up the mess left by the previous administration.

Welcome sir.

*            *            *            *

Phil Allt and his apples and oranges comparison of Guelph and Barrie

The mind boggles when Phil Allt attempts to write a guest column in the Mercury. He is obviously not an original thinker.

First, here is the back-story. Allt wrote his piece following an internal document distributed by Coun. Dan Gibson that detailed the similarities and differences between the two cities. Gibson researched the data and distributed it FYI to all members of council and DCAO, Mark Amorosi.

The analysis clearly demonstrated that Barrie with a population exceeding Guelph by 20,000, had a operational budget that is $6 million lower than Guelph’s; and a staff that has 800 employees fewer than Guelph.

But Allt turns apples into applesauce when he cites the cost of policing. Barrie pays some $761 per household for policing while Guelph pays only $554. Phil, you left something out, Barrie has 20,000 more households than Guelph and a much larger police force.

Then he says that these figures prove that Guelph is the more fiscally prudent than Barrie. Really Phil! In 2014, did Barrie lose $14 million as a result of mismanagement and lawsuits that Guelph experienced? Was that prudent management, ya think?

Then he says that Barrie’s waste collection system is privatized and so is their transit system. Do they know something our council doesn’t? Here’s a clue, 80 per cent of Guelph’s city staff is unionized.

We’ll forgive him for misstating the 2015 Guelph property tax rate increase. Council approved a 3.55 per cent increase that was later adjusted to 3.94 per cent due to the increase of assessed properties. Barrie’s increase was 3.19 per cent.

More applesauce. He argues that Guelph has a large industrial base and a university requiring tax dollars asserting that Barrie doesn’t have these additional costs. Guess Phil hasn’t been to Barrie recently, where the largest community college between Toronto and Sudbury is located. Also there is a major regional health centre that services a broad area including cottage country. And Phil, there is industry in Barrie.

This brings up the great job the previous administration failed to accomplish. The assessment ratio between residential (84 per cent) and commercial industrial (16 per cent) has not changed in nine years. Phil, drive, sorry, ride your bicycle, around the industrial areas of the city and see all the vacant lots and buildings standing empty.

Former Chamber of Commerce president, Lloyd Longfield used to brag about the economic benefits that the university brings to the city, none of which trickles down to the property owner.

Guelph electors voted for change in Guelph’s administration. You and your colleagues have paid no attention to that and continue the tax and spend policies of the previous administration.

Next time, Phil, don’t use someone else’s research to score points.










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10 responses to “Your guelphspeaks Weekender


    I’d just like to point out some spelling mistakes made in the section titled “City hires…Services”.Surely the word(s) “…solid…” should be “sordid”?

  2. That is some great investigation work you did there on the Ashley Madison stuff, Gerry. I hope it’s not city hall is using my tax dollars for infidelity…. Oh wait, it isn’t. Well, not explicitly any way. A great journalist would have found out what postal code in Guelph is seeing those dollars get spent. It happens to be N1E (, City Hall is N1H and U of G is N1G. So I guess it can’t be city computers being used for this activity. Don’t you live in the N1E area?

  3. Glen N. Tolhurst

    if someone pens an article based on another person’s well researched document and the “pennee” fails to attribute the other person’s document, is that plagiarism or just being lazy?

  4. Gerald

    I think it all spins back to Susan Watson and her gang of ______?We all know Phil Allt has not had a original thought in a very long time.And why does the mockery give free reign on this people.Do they not screen before they print?

    • Esther Burke

      Okay, first you speculate randomly about what postal code used Ashley Madison, and picked all of your favourite targets, even though none of them were the actual postal code … first, who cares? Your fantasy of public servants using Ashely Madison is just that: a fantasy. Why share your paranoid fantasy with the world? It’s all very titillating but if you’re suggesting that some parts of town are more horny than others and that is a very bad thing, I don’t get it. If, in fact, you could show that public funds were being spent on these activities, you might have something, but you don’t. So, why all the random outrage about something that can’t be shown? That’s not just bad journalism, it barely makes it to the level of middle school journalism, and, well, it’s stupid. That’s right: this story is stupid.

      Next, this comment you made. “It all spins back to Susan Watson?” It does? What does? I don’t even understand this statement, but it seems that it’s an expression of a paranoid obsession on you part. I can’t think of any other explanation. “We all know Phil Allt has not had an original thought” … we do? While I am one of the “all” that you speak of, I have no idea what goes on in Phil’s brain. I suspect that you know about as much about that as you do about postal codes and the clearly suspicious ones in Guelph … (by the way, you seem pretty obsessed with internet dating … what’s going on there?) For all I know Phil is having original thoughts as I write. I have an idea: why don’t you say “I generally disagree with what Phil Allt says”? That’s what you mean, but I do realize that it’s significantly less interesting to say that and a whole bunch of paranoids are less likely to start waving torches and pitchforks based on that statement.

      Then there’s this sentence: “And why does the mockery give free reign on this people.” In short, I have no idea what you’re talking about. I don’t even understand how “the mockery” (whatever that is) “gives free reign” (whatever that means) to anything. Obviously, explaining “why” would require that I enter into whatever is happening in your brain … and I have no idea what that might be. So, to rephrase “free reign has been given on this people by the mockery?” Nope, still gibberish.

      “Do they not screen before they print?” Sounds like someone is making t-shirts. I have to say that you might like to try out a little more “screening” yourself … although I enjoy watching someone dig a big hole and merrily jump in (head first), your message is not only lost in this babble, I can’t even figure out what your message is. (except that clearly you hate some people, and your “blog” might more appropriately be called “People in Guelph who I hate”.) Actually, that title would be more accurate, since you are not “Guelph”, you don’t speak for Guelph, and clearly, this blog is about irrational hatred that you can’t even explain coherently.

    • Esther Burke: You do have a way with words. Your incomprehensible comment was addressed to the wrong “Gerald”. Suggest you take some remedial reading and comprehension courses, Also a pair of glasses may also help.

  5. TJ

    Esther Burke shot out of a cannon this morning! Let’s all step away from our computers and enjoy this beautiful day.

  6. Gerald

    Esther Burke
    First this is not my blog and second talk about jibberish?
    Have a great day.

  7. Bonnie McElwyn

    Instead of your fantasizing about Ashley Madison users in city hall (the postal code mentioned is north of Woodlawn, east of Gordon), why not use your somewhat overactive imagination to help the Guelph Police force/SWAT Team come up with an excuse for murdering a patient armed only with a pair of scissors. It has been three months now since two cops put nine bullets into him, they obviously need help with an excuse. You might also work on a reason that these two incompetents are allowed back to work while the SIU investigation is ongoing. More pressing than fantisized picadillos.

    • Bonnie McElwyne: I agree the SIU has dragged its feet in revealing the details of the deadly shooting by two Guelph police officers in the Guelph General emergency department. This we do know: The cops shot the mentally disturbed individual in a busy waiting room. The public has the right to know the details. The question is, will they be charged under the Police Act or the criminal courts?

      It isn’t fantasy about the Ashley Madison Guelph connection. The postal code mentioned is the PC address of Guelph City Hall. There is more to come on this. Thanks for your comment.

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