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Naked in the sun – The police blotter – Liz soft soaps the crisis – Susan Watson, angry partisan?

July 24, 2015

Item: Going naked on Macdonell Street can be dangerous

Police chased a 30-year-old man starkers downtown the other day. Question is did he lose the bet? Was he stripped by friends as a prank? Maybe he was trying to catch the GO bus?

We’ll probably know in about six months before the three gumshoes from the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) deliver their report that will clear the local cops of deliberately injuring the streaker. He was taken to hospital for facial injuries.

Geez! This town is going to the dogs when women can stroll around topless but men cannot do the Adam and Eve act without the SIU getting involved.

*            *            *            *

Item: Police drew their guns 27 times in the past three months

Let’s be fair, of the 27 draws, nobody was shot. In fact there were only 15 use-of-force incidents, the police report stated. The definition of use of force means the gun was pointed but not fired. It is presumed the other reported 12 gun draws were practising getting the gun out of the holster

Left out of the report was the one use-of-force incident that resulted in the May 20 shooting death by Guelph police of Brandon Duncan, 36, in the Guelph General Hospital emergency waiting room.

That shooting investigation was taken over by the SIU which immedately put the lid on any information. Such details as the circumstances leading up to the confrontation between Duncan and the police, or why they felt their lives were in danger due to Duncan’s behaviour?

The people of Guelph are entitled to know what happened that day.

The SIU has reported that its closure rate of cases is growing. Translated, don’t look for any report to be forthcoming before the end of the year.

Don’t rush them. The naked-guy case has to be investigated first.

*            *            *            *

Item: Wynne steps into the teacher crisis while Liz Sandals watches

One of the cardinal rules of negotiation is don’t bring out the management big gun to face the unions. The risk being that there is no back door once that happens, the buck stops there. Negotiations will falter and the people will face settlements that will drive the Ontario deficit even higher.

But that’s what Kathleen Wynne has done. She has subverted her Minister of Education, Liz Sandals, by inviting the reps from the unions and school boards to a private meeting in her office.

With the real threat of two million students being denied education after Labour Day because of striking teachers, Wynne has abandoned her former school trustee pal, Liz Sandals. In 2013 they placated the teachers who were working to rule by shelling out more than $400,000,000. That was done under Sandals’ watch as the newly-minted Minister of Education. The people barely blinked at this outrageous payoff.

Things are different today as there is no pay-off money in the provincial till.

The unions are out for blood, demanding smaller class sizes and perks. Most are without a contract since early last year. Just what was Minister Sandals doing for 17 months to head off what is about to be the worst labour crisis in the history of education in Ontario?

Now the unions have polarized into a joint front and the final settlement will cost millions in just retroactive pay. And, the other public service unions will be emboldened for  more money and benefits based on any settlement the teachers receive.

It’s too early to scapegoat but you can be sure Wynne is not going to take the fall for this debacle.

*            *            *            *

Item: The War of 2014 – Why is Susan Watson so angry?

Following her complaint against defeated civic candidate, Glen Tolhurst, Susan Watson has collected a group of 30 individuals to demand that Elections Canada reopen the 2011 robocall case. Remember, thousands of voters were mis-directed to the wrong polling stations by computer driven robots, allegedly operated under the authority of the Conservative Party?

For most people in the city, this new Watson complaint is a yawner. Their real interest now is the upcoming Federal election in October and is Justin not just ready for prime time? But Susan wants to bell the Conservative cat by requesting a re-opening of the case that occurred four years ago.

Her frivolous complaint against Mr. Tolhurst for accepting money for his ward six campaign is now entering a new stage with a Toronto accountant, being hired by the city to conduct the audit of Mr. Tolhurst’s official election expenses report. The cost of this audit is being borne by city taxpayers estimated to be more than $11,000.

The complaint is frivolous because Mr. Tolhurst spent less than $4,000 in a losing cause. The auditor, among other things, is asking for a list of his lawn signs put out with the names of the people who allowed the signs.

You do the math, it’s your money.



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