A recipe to return competency to Guelph’s municipal government

Posted May 19, 2015

Many people in the city are aware of the pickled financial soup that sours our municipal governance. Change is what the greater majority of voters voted for last October. As a public service here is a recipe for getting theta pickle out of the soup.


Take a handful of reality.

Add a dollop or two for truthfulness – for taste and confirmation.

Stir in a big chunk of transparency.

Add a cup of alum to suck up the mistakes, false statements and mismanagement during the past eight years.

Pump in 99 gallons of fresh air to open the secret and closed-door council meetings.

Add a Roget’s Thesaurus to parse the words used to obfuscate the truth.

Provide a set of jumper cables to ignite citizens to how our city has been hijacked by the former mayor’s social engineers.

Shake, not stir a new Chief Financial Officer not to knuckle under the former mayor and her controlling gang of seven on council.

Fill every council meeting with citizens protesting – “We’re mad as hell and we won’t take it any longer”.

Dredge paying taxes if the proposed tax increases are greater than the Consumer Price Index.

Put the lid on the civic staff to control the costs of running the city.

Drizzle downtown bar and club owners to help control drinking and violent behaviour.

Whisk a quart of curry to persuade the university to open its licensed establishments on weekends.


Stir vigorously and get the pickle out of the financial soup in which we are wallowing.

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One response to “A recipe to return competency to Guelph’s municipal government

  1. geo

    Six figure socialists running the show is a recipe for disaster!

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