Here’s to a great 2015 for all!

Posted December 26, 2014

Here is the wish list for 2015 hoping for all to enjoy a healthy, prosperous and happy experience next year. We have a lot to cheer for and appreciate next year. Further, we’ll be around next year.

* That ice and snow will come in limited amounts and the costs stay well below city budget. Hey! We’re off to a good start!

* That the outside city workers have warm clothing, good equipment and good health as they go about their rounds on our behalf.

* That the outdoor rinks stay frozen until the end of March.

* That the Guelph Storm wins the Memorial cup.

* That we remember those folks in our society at this time of year by donating to the food banks and supporting organizations dedicated to helping those less fortunate. Need never stops nor should giving.

* That we support those individuals whom we have elected to represent us on city council. Likewise, those members of council are reminded they serve the people.

* That we never forget the 58,000 Canadians who paid the supreme sacrifice 100 years ago in WW 1 and all veterans who served in WW 2, Korea, UN Peacekeeping and Afghanistan. They are the backbone of our democracy and must never be forgotten.

* That we declare an end to the “war on cars” in Guelph and address the growing vehicle congestion on the main arterial roads.

* That vehicle operators and cyclists respect each other on our roads.

* That our institutions, Hospitals, Senior’s residences, Schools, Police, Fire and EMS and the city’s staff, continue to perform to the high standard of professionalism and care that citizens have come to expect and respect.

* That the provincial government finally opens up the sale of beer and wine to grocery and convenient stores and put an end to the foreign-owned monopoly of the Beer Store. Welcome to the 21st century.

*  That Guelph again becomes the city of beauty with a plethora of flowers in public spaces that reflect the atmosphere that makes our people proud to live here.

* That we respect each other and work together for the common good. Criticism is one thing, but collaborative compromise is better.

* That we remember that we live in the greatest country in the world and guelphspeaks has been in a lot of them.

* That the Toronto Maple Leafs make the NHL playoffs and the second round. Okay. It’s importatnt to be an optimist.

* Folks, have a good one! Year that is.







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