Now comes the hard work, patching up the good ship Guelph

November 12, 2014

On October 27, the people of Guelph voted for change and they got it with a new mayor and members of council.

But among the progressive elite, there is no acceptance of the facts. The election is over and the people have spoken.

In recent letters to the editors in both papers, the woeful whines of the Farbridge progressives, post election results, brings despair and loss of identity to them as Canadians. Why? One progressive started out by saying, over the past ten years, his identity had been negatively altered on the world stage. Really? That sounds very heavy and dramatic.

The writer says that his residence in Guelph offered a bastion of light amidst the surround darkness. Holy Hannah! Who knew Canada was surrounded by eternal darkness? If you listen to NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair enough you might agree with him.

Now, the writer launches into the familiar progressive laundry list of achievements including such green initiatives as adding kilometers of bike lanes, presorting and recycling garbage, Market Square, traffic calming, water and hydro conservation, enhancing the downtown, splash pool at city hall, protecting our rivers and natural spaces.

Sorry pal, but the counter arguments to those so-called, self-serving achievements, was settled at the ballot box. The election is over and a new council is charged with restoring public trust in its city government.

What the writer describes as forward thinking is a synonym for exercising power behind closed doors and refusing to be accountable. Is that progressive?

The writer neglects to explain why his description of green initiative includes imposing a $15 million waste collection system on the city that fails to pick up garbage at more than 13 per cent of the city households and businesses.

Throw in the $35 million spent of an organic-waste processing facility in which the capacity is three times the needs of the City of Guelph for the next 20 years.

Or the failure of basic management by the progressive-dominated council led by defeated Mayor Karen Farbridge, that fired the general contractor from the new City Hall construction site before the contract was completed.

Result is an estimated $21 million in damages that is dead money. Wasted because of the incompetence of a progressive regime. Yet, even in defeat, the Farbridge majority refuses to reveal the hidden costs of this misadventure.

Then, to the consternation of the electorate, the Mayor says the Urbacon settlement costs, will not cause an increase in property taxes. Instead the money would come from three reserve funds not related to the unanticipated legal costs. To add insult to people’s intelligence, the reserves would be replenished in five years (with property tax revenues).

And you progressives wonder why the people reacted the way they did?

If anyone is operating in the dark, it is this die-hard group of financially challenged progressives who apparently can’t add, can’t subtract and can’t forecast a budget. And the Farbridge dominated council proved that time and again during its eight years of mismanagement.

Let the enlightenment shine among all citizens of Guelph and let the new council do its important work, without threats of vote splitting, even before the new gang takes office.

The people didn’t vote for obstructionism, they voted for responsible change and performance.

Now that’s not hard, is it?


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5 responses to “Now comes the hard work, patching up the good ship Guelph

  1. CW

    I tried to submit this to as a rebuttal to that silly letter, but the Guelph Tribune is letting it languish, because of course they are.

    I find it thoroughly disappointing that your faith in your identity as a Canadian relies on what way the government is leaning. Although I am more conservative minded myself, I am a proud Canadian whether a Grit, Tory, NDPer or otherwise were in parliament. I feel its my duty as a Canadian to uphold and support our government. Call it naive if you wish, but I also find it’s a matter of respect to voters who elected these people in the first place.
    Secondly, I take issue with you suggesting that because Guelph’s taxpayers elected Cam Guthrie, we are somehow lacking wisdom and are complacent. Have you ever considered that maybe people simply don’t agree with the progressive agenda you so enjoy? Certainly, I can understand when people disagree with me, as this is just a fact of life, and not a consequence of their wisdom (or lack thereof). This is a theme I see time and time again from ‘progressives’ – a fundamental inability to admit to the fact that not everyone agrees with you, and that *gasp* you may be wrong from time to time. I’m sure, Dave, that you had a fun time stereotyping Guthrie and other right-of-centre candidates as GOP/Tea Party-lite, but isn’t it your attitude which makes ‘compromise’ seem like a dirty word?
    So Dave, I will take the high road, and say that we will just have to agree to disagree. Maybe you should consider such a thing when you look at the new council of Guelph (which has not even held it’s first meeting).

  2. Jerry

    For some it is pretty hard Gerry.But i am sure cam can bring them around
    to their senses.
    They have to adjust to not having a free trough to feed out of instead of
    paying themselves for one and remembering that there is more to this
    beautiful city than the downtown.
    Best of luck to council and the new mayor.

  3. CW

    + the fact that the Tribune would publish that silly letter on Remembrance Day, when we should be celebrating and remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our Canadian identity was really a wow moment.

  4. Paul I

    I agree the Tribune is biased “pro-Karen”.
    What bothers me is the lack of class she shows.
    As usual I attended the Remembrance Day Service at the Sleeman Centre.
    Although the program indicated That Mayor Farbridge would bring greetings from the City she was nowhere to be seen. Instead Mayor-Elect Guthrie brought greetings from the City. This is not the first time Karen has done this. In Nov 2003 she did not show up, but I cannot recall who filled in for her. She lost that election to Kate Quarrie!
    So my point is Farbridge is a sore loser and a disgrace to her office! I think she should refund the approximate amount of $10,000 she is paid each month. If she cannot do her job – she should not get paid.
    I expect better of elected officials, particularly when they get paid over $100,000 each year.

  5. geo

    Could the new council look into ending all taxpayer funded advertising in both local papers. One, it is no longer necessary to disseminate information and two, we might finally see balanced, complete coverage of municipal politics.

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