Guelph mayor Karen Farbridge linked to ‘political cybersquatting’ in past campaigns

The issue of domain name ownership was brought up this week when mayoral candidate Cam Guthrie was accused of “cybersquatting” in 2006.

“Cybersquatting” is the registering of a domain name related to the brand of someone else with the intent of potential future sale or marketing use.

It has been and still is a common practice on the internet.

Guthrie bought an abandoned domain name of a political candidate after the 2006 Guelph election. It was not used as a website and was immediately transferred to the person when they requested it.

Cam Guthrie’s domain name purchase pales in comparison to what the Farbridge team did to Kate Quarrie in the 2006 campaign .

In contrast, the Farbridge team high-jacked the domain name of the current Mayor Kate Quarrie – This was done prior to voting day of the 2006 election. An attack ad style website was created at and used during the election campaign cycle to deliberately trash Ms. Quarrie resulting in her defeat.

Click Here to see the “dirty tricks” style of internet domain name high-jacking used by the Farbridge gang in the 2006 election campaign.


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2 responses to “Guelph mayor Karen Farbridge linked to ‘political cybersquatting’ in past campaigns

  1. bostoncollie

    This is rich!!! Great find. You could swap Kate for Karen in the title –“Karen and the truth do not get along”.

    I won’t hold my breath waiting for the Merc to report this.

  2. Monday is garbage day. Let’s take that trash out! #Guthrie4Guelph

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