The Farbridge Praetorian Guard circles the wagons to protect their leader

Posted October 23, 2014

Farbridge friend and editor Andy Best, a former president of the Guelph Civic League, has called out the Farbridge Praetorian Guard to destroy the credibility of a bonafide citizen’s activist group, GrassRoots Guelph and its founder, Gerry Barker.

Writing in the blog, the Guelph Citizen, the focus is on yours truly, who Mr. Best described me in part “as an armchair general, writing from an undisclosed location that I can only assume is located deep in the fires of Mordor”.

Although I served in the military, I was no armchair general and I work from home as a citizen and taxpayer. After 11 years, the city still doesn’t pick up my garbage. Oh well, we’re only part of the 6,400 residences that have to hire private contractors to remove their unsorted garbage to, wait for it! The landfill! We still have to pay for the waste management operation through our taxes.

Nice try, Andy your Praetorian colleagues are part of the problem facing our city, not the solution. It’s interesting that anyone or any situation that dares question the operations of the Farbridge administration is public enemy number one.

I have been called “evil times two” by one of your colleagues. I have been mocked and experienced hack attacks on my computer. I am accused of misrepresenting the facts, and my favourite, being disrespectful. This is juvenile drivel and indicative of the source of such nonsense fueled by desperation.

You guardians of anything Farbridge are related to the 2006 attack ads and phony websites denigrating then Mayor Kate Quarrie and others. They were part of the Guelph Civic League’s vicious personal attacks and tactics that ultimately led to a sweep by Karen Farbridge and her council supporters.

That was then and this is now and the playing field is a mite more level. So the Farbridge Praetorians launch personal attacks on those who don’t agree with the eight-year record of a tired and colourless administration that cannot separate truth from fiction.

What’s most interesting is all did was name the organizations and websites supporting Mayor Karen Farbridge.

My, my, my. What a reaction. The Farbridge Praetorians would have you believe that I had put salt in their coffee instead of sugar. They obviously did not appreciate being linked to the Farbridge campaign. But somebody had to do it.

When Best says his website provides citizens with pure, unfiltered information, what does that have to do with journalism 101?

One has to wonder why the Farbridge campaign chose to run that unattributed attack ad in last week’s Tribune attempting to link mayoral candidate Cam Guthrie with convicted robocall participant Michael Sona?

Pure, unfiltered? Even the mayor realized that her campaign took a major hit. Then, The Empire struck back, and she blamed the toxic and bullying atmosphere of the campaign and vowed to go on the attack. That was a calculated PR move to shift from perpetrator to victim.

Is mocking me part of that attack strategy Andy?

I’ve been writing about the Farbridge council operations for the past eight years. My files on the Farbridge administration are extensive.

To suggest to your viewers that the Farbridge team is composed of good people who love the city is over the top. What makes you think that citizens who oppose the Farbridge regime do not love their city? Your lot do not have an exclusive lock on who loves the city. That Mr. Best and the rest of your group, is a figment of your imagination.

Welcome to the real world where a hellova lot of people disagree with you and your leader Karen Farbridge and love their city more than any statements you may make regarding the alleged sterling character of your associates.

And the reasons are simple. It is all about the Farbridge record starting with the Urbacon financial fiasco that is costing citizens, year to date, $15 million. Gerry Barker did not make this up nor did GRG or the other opposition organizations.

To use a baseball metaphor, the mayor is caught in a citizen’s rundown between third base and home plate.

Guess Monday night we’ll find out if she was tagged out.

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