Did Mayor Farbridge buy the Toronto Star’s editorial integrity?

Posted October 18, 2014

On Friday, October 17, an article by futurist consultant Don Tapscott was reproduced in the electronic edition of the Toronto Star. The article, initiated by Mayor Karen Farbridge, painted a picture of her version of what Guelph should be like under her leadership.

In its glowing self-endorsement copy, the people of Guelph must think they are nothing but lab rats supporting the Mayor’s vision of a great socialist civic experiment. It is almost Stalinistic in its approach to fashioning a city in her own political idealism.

This article lacking substance and counterpoint would not have lasted five minutes on the Toronto Star copy desk. It defies any journalistic credibility or standards that are well established by the paper in its print editions.

Having been an editor at The Star, I know and understand the paper’s journalistic principles. The former great publisher of the Star, Beland Honderich, brought high standards to the editorial content of the paper. A key requirement was for reporters to obtain both sides of the story. Many a story was spiked for failing to meet that minimal standard.

This piece of pseudo journalism is known in the business as an advertorial, not editorial. As such the point of view expressed in the one-sided article was a bought piece of journalism.

The question citizens must now ask: Who paid for it? Did the Mayor’s campaign pay for the advertorial? Or were the costs paid by the City of Guelph? Was consultant Don Tapscott paid to write the piece and paid again as a freelance contributor by The Star’s electronic publishing department?

Ironically, in the electronic version there is an unrelated paid ad in the middle of the Tapscott copy. Have you ever seen that in the print additions of The Star?

Here are some samples of the Tapscott advertorial.

* “Imagine my surprise when an email from Mayor Karen Farbridge of Guelph arrived saying that her community is actually working hard to implement the transformation I outlined in (my) article.”

* “I have looked into her claims and have concluded that the elected officials, public servants and 120,000 citizens are well on their way to ‘reimagining’ the role of local government.”

Did consultant/reporter Tapscott go to Guelph and interview the citizen stakeholders? Did he question the managerial failures that the Farbridge administration has caused in its eight years of social engineering?

Was he not sensitive to the fact that there was a municipal election underway and the Farbridge administration was being heavily criticized for its managerial errors costing citizens millions of dollars? Did he question the excessive spending on projects that citizens never asked for or wanted?

Mayor Farbridge’s vision and Don Tapscott’s version of what is happening in Guelph is the product of a misguided and arrogant administration that, in desperation, is painting a woefully inaccurate picture of the real Guelph.

Citizens should be used to it by now. The Farbridge administration has operated mostly behind closed doors, shutting down debate and opposition to its policies.

The failure of Mr. Tapscott’s participation into journalism is making no attempt to get both sides of the story. The second failure lies with the Star’s electronic publishing department to adhere to the well-established editorial principles of the Toronto Star.

This apparent disregard of the editorial integrity of the Toronto Star will be brought to the attention of Kathy English, The Star’s public editor for adjudication.

Again, this smacks of a desperate move on the part of the Farbridge campaign to offset the legitimate criticism of her record as mayor. And they have good reason to be concerned.

Remember that quotation used in the 2008 U.S. presidential election?

You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.



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5 responses to “Did Mayor Farbridge buy the Toronto Star’s editorial integrity?

  1. Marcus

    It’s worth noting that both Ann Pappert and Leanne Piper have endorsed the advertorial on Twitter as fact. It has also been noted on twitter by June Hofland and Craig Chamberlain but not endorsed.

    • Marcus: To be expected. What is surprising that CAO Ann Pappert is endorsing it. This only solidifies the public perception that the Farbridge administration’s senior staff are politicized. Looks like the the Farbridge Coalition is circling the wagons to retain power. They must be desperate when the Mayor speaks in her blog about the Lake Erie Big Pipe proposal that was never considered or happened. It made good for scare tactics in 2006, but in 2014? Go figure.

  2. Len H.

    And we are surprised when the Star endorses a left wing candidate? And is it coincidental that the Trib is lauding new businesses coming to town?


      Does the name TERRY BRADSHAW ring a bell?Remember his paid advertorial along the same lines;by the way,who paid for the BRADSHAW endorsement(citizens/taxpayers/residents/comrades/brothers&sisters/voters resident in GUELPH)?

    • Len H. It’s pretty easy to keep track of new businesses coming to town. What’s this one, number four or five in eight years?

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