Our apologies: The Farbridge candidates refuse to play in our sandbox

Posted September 19, 2014

It only took a mere day for the social media to claim that GrassRoots Guelph had a list of candidates to endorse. It was nothing but a fake, a fantasy and fabrication.

Of course, GRG is a political action organization programmed on bringing responsible change to our civic government. The current intent is to continue researching the candidates.

Interestingly, there are 19 nominated candidates supporting the Farbridge regime. At best, only 12 can be elected. Their uncertainty lies in the fact that the mayor is extremely vulnerable chiefly due to the $15 million Urbacon city hall cost overruns. Some of that vulnerability will spray onto her chosen nominees

This includes the four Farbridge incumbents who were part of that decision to fire Urbacon in September 2008. There are two who have chosen not run again, Ian Findlay and Lise Burcher and a former defeated councillor, Mike Salisbury who is running again in ward four. Their irresponsibility led to the lawsuits that found the city wrongfully dismissed Urbacon.

Oh, they say they were not responsible. If not them maybe it was the elusive Mr. Yahoodie

With the complete rejection of the GRG sponsored and neutral ward debates by the 19 Farbridge allied candidates, virtually makes GRG’s gesture to sponsor debates a useless exercise.

It is mindful of Clint Eastwood’s embarrassing address to an empty chair representing President Obama, at the 2012 Republican National Convention. And we know how that turned out.

So GRG will not be holding the ward debates because the Farbridge nominees refuse to participate.

It demonstrates the lengths that the Farbridge nominees will go to discredit the only citizen’s activist group in Guelph whose single purpose is to dislodge the Farbridge regime’s hold on controlling our city.

That means recommending candidates who GRG feels can replace this regime. It is amusing that the Farbridge zealots are spinning the message by publishing the names of presumed GRG candidates.

Perhaps they are afraid, very afraid that if they don’t attack GRG then they would lose.

Even former Farbridge councillor Ian Findlay got into the tirade tweeting that the Fake GRG list failed to have any women candidates. We’re pleased to see he is not running again. He was another on the fateful Urbacon 2008 council. His other misguided effort was his tireless defence of saving the Wilson Farmhouse. As a reminder: Leanne Piper, Lise Burcher, Todd Dennis, Karl Wettstein, June Hoffland and Maggie Laidlaw supported saving the derelict farmhouse. Result: They were outvoted and it’s finally demolished after more than a year wasting council’s and staff time.

Well, if our research and polls done by other organizations are any indication, there is going to be a major shift by the electorate October 27 as the Farbridge bloc faces demotion.

Remember the Urbacon.


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3 responses to “Our apologies: The Farbridge candidates refuse to play in our sandbox

  1. Scott Butler, Candidate for Councillor Ward 5

    At what point was GRG going to let those of us who had long ago confirmed our attendance know about the decision to pull the plug? And I why am I finding out about this via a third party on twitter of all places?

    • Linda Murphy

      Scott, I sent an email out to everyone who confirmed they were coming on Saturday morning. My sincerest apologies if you didn’t receive one.

  2. I’m sorry to hear that the GRG debates will not go ahead. I was planning to attend your Ward 2 debate on September 30 after telling the Guelph & District Homebuilders Association that I could not attend their debate taking place at the exact time. The City Clerk had also scheduled a Candidate’s Information Session at the same time but fortunately changed the date when made aware of the conflict. If there is another opportunity to meet with GRG, please let me know — I also had a conflict with the BBQ last week so wasn’t able to join you there. Thanks, Martin

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