Did you ever wonder?

Posted August 23, 2014

Why are there more members of Costco in Guelph (16, 000 plus) than voted for Karen Farbridge (14,000 plus) in 2010?

Why does the Mayor, who will earn $122,000 next year, receive top-up “honourariums” for serving on various boards such as the Guelph Police Services Board, The Public Health Board etc?

Does Mayor Farbridge as chair of the Guelph Municipal Holdings Inc, receive an honourarium for that job on top of her salary?

The same goes for Chief Administrative Officer Ann Pappert who earns $213,000 a year and is Chief Executive Officer of GMHI?

What happened to the search for a CEO for GMHI to replace Ms. Pappert?

Why is it when a citizen asks about the number of city staff who do not live in Guelph, that the executive Director of Corporate and Human Resources, who lives in Hamilton, is asked to reply and doesn’t answer the question?

How come council gave CAO Pappert a $20,000 moving bonus to move from Waterloo to Guelph?

Why is it that Bryan Larkin’s brief career as chief of police was the work of a person who is expert at self-promotion but left his force in a shambles?

What ever qualified Coun. June Hofland to be chair of city council’s finance committee?

Still wondering why Guelph gas prices dropped right after Costco opened its gas bar? Now if only the province would end the monopoly held by the LCBO and Beer Store. When a good single malt scotch sells for $29.95 in Florida but the identical product costs $67 in Ontario, something’s wrong.

Why is there a subcommittee of the Guelph holding company investigating the sale and consolidation of Guelph Hydro?

Why is the city administration promoting awards for competence when the failure to win a lawsuit brought by Urbacon Buildings Group will end up costing millions? Remember little Jack Horner who stuck in his thmb and pulled out a plum…”oh! What a good boy I am?”

If the city bylaw officers can legally enter your property without notice or permission and remove articles they arbitrarily judge to be debris, why can’t those same officers curb the abuses in wards five and six of student lodgers who disturb the neighbourhoods?

Why did retired president of the University of Guelph and his vice president negotiate to establish a University of Brampton following work before retirement to enlarge the University of Guelph and Humber College to serve the Brampton area?

Why did those two senior U of G administrators receive a full years pay following their retirement?

Why did council pass a bylaw that allows them to refuse to hear a delegation if the subject is in litigation or has the potential of litigation?

Why doesn’t Mayor Farbridge accept responsibility for the wrongful dismissal of city hall contractor Urbacon Buildings Group Corp?

Knowing that there will be substantial damages cost to be paid by the city over the Urbacon Lawsuit, why did the council approve spending $34 million to renovate the downtown police headquarters?

Why does a 24-year old, recent U of G graduate and self-described anarchist, believe he will taken seriously as he runs for mayor?

Why hasn’t the province increased the post secondary student so-called “bed tax” payment of $75 in lieu of property taxes since 1987?

With all the apparent commercial construction occurring in the city, how does one explain why the commercial industrial assessment remains the same 16 per cent as 2007 when Mayor Farbridge took office?

What do you think? Are you ready for another four years of a Farbridge administration?

Join GrassRoots Guelph and participate in the movement to renew confidence in our city government on October 27. Sign up at grassrootsguelph2014@gmail.com. There are some great candidates working hard to get elected. The end game is to replace the elected members of the current administration.


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7 responses to “Did you ever wonder?

  1. Craig

    Hi Gerry. Well asked questions, however what is the “solution”? It seems the race for a mayoral candidate is the typical 2 team rivalry. Although Cam is against most movements that have been made I personally can’t say I support him fully as he has been a part of this council that has approved a lot of this mess … What will he do differently? It’s a shame that as a lifelong guelphite I am absolutely embarrassed to say this has been the place I call home with all of the corruption and terrible business planning that has become just the norm, it seems everytime I read the news our council has some way or another cost us taxpayers more money or given another developer a land tax break to develop properties that down the road will hose the home owner to make up for lost revenues. Where does this all end?

    • Craig: Keep the faith. This dawg has just begun to hunt. Change will occur October 27. I believe it will be for the better. For Cam it’s a learning process as he has served on council. As I keep saying, the real campaign starts after labour day. Karen has a lot of baggage that she cannot defend. It’s not her personality or political style to step up and explain. She deftly uses surrogates and her communications people create self-serving third party accolades from organizations that most people have never heard of.

      You are right on when you ask where are the solutions to all this. Personally, I have four pages of them for the next council to consider. That’s what makes this civic election the most important for citizens in the past 40 years. Never has so much happened to adversely affect the majority of citizens in the past eight years. Now it is our turn to change it and rebuild a broken civic government by electing candidates prepared to recognize and fix the wreckage..

  2. Louis

    I was wondering if vote swapping in this election could work? And also the civic league is of no concern to us anymore. Their website has been down for weeks, so thankfully they won’t interfere in the election like they did the 2006 election. A few years ago I seen former councilor Rocco J. Furfaro at the grocery store and he told me the civic league sent out postcards telling residents the candidates they want on council.

    But at any rate the damage has been done.

  3. Glen N. Tolhurst

    Being a sunny Sunday afternoon and after doing some work in the yard, I paused for a cold Coors Light and recalled your Costco based question above. Well, here is some more anecdotal evidenced of ripoff pricing by the Beer Store where said Coors Light sells for $41.95 for a 2 4 or $1.75 per can whilst at Costco in Quebec it sells for $60 for 60 cans or only $1/can. Is the Quebec government stupid enough to lose a ton of revenue or does the Ontario beer oligopoly make out like bandits?

    • Louis

      Well thinking about it , the beer store isn’t even government run as the money they make goes to the US, Japan and Belgium, sooner or later people have to keep on pressing the issue because leaders should know ‘the more a government restricts something the more crime on that item will go up.

      Alcohol related offenses dropped in Oregon after they got rid of their monopolized beer stores. But what the province should do is let the people decide what is best for them instead of some faceless corporation. Besides the beer store also does listing fees, and can screw over a small microbrewery.

  4. geo

    June Hofland runs the finance committee?
    A large Italian cruise ship comes to mind.

  5. Louis

    Well we don’t have to worry about Burcher she ended her bid, Ward 5 seems to be the most volatile.

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