Much ado about nothing

How dare those nasty Federal Tories communicate with the Guelph Chamber of Commerce members? All they did was email a reminder of the 2015 federal election and offer information for those requiring it.

The lefties roared back with a broadside from one of its heavy hitters, Alan Pickerskill, who called it an illegal spam attack. Mr. Pickerskill is not a member of the Chamber.

And poor Lloyd Longfield, president of the Chamber, who was angered that the member’s mailing list was used to remind them there was an election coming in 2015. He was mystified that the member’s list was accessed when certain precautions allegedly precluded such access. Oh! Oh! Get me the Webmaster.

This whole episode reminds us of Jerry Seinfeld’s description of his hit sitcom: “It’s a show about nothing.”

Is the Farbridge coalition of the left so tender about their politics that the mere mention of “Conservative” sends them into convulsions of self-pity and paranoid hand wringing?

Nothing personal Lloyd, but isn’t it the Chamber’s purpose to communicate, two ways?

To clear the air, that email content was not spam because it was information, not selling something as spelled out in the new legislation. But in future, members of the Chamber won’t be exposed to such dangerous messages on their Chambered internet island.

Lloyd will see to that.

And that’s a good thing, as they say in the Mercury newsroom.

But because GrassRoots Guelph is non-partisan, viewers can depend on information based on truth and both sides of the story on its website. Now read by more and more citizens.

Check out for the straight goods or, for the latest news and commentary as the 2014 October 27 day of reckoning approaches.

GrassRoots Guelph and had nothing to do with this except laugh out loud at the pompous outrage exhibited.

Who was it that said: Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable?



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4 responses to “Much ado about nothing

  1. Doak McCraney

    Pickersgill should be reminded how he uses the paper himself under editorial to show his political support vehemently for ie recently for provincial candidate Gordon NDP I believe his quote was the only candidate or some sort of . He also constantly comes out telling all we should let the Guelph council do anything they want

  2. Douglas

    This situation is just so typical of Guelph and the extreme bias of the Mercury.

    The actual facts can be found here:

  3. Louis

    well that pretty much is what Guelph is about , a joke of a city, a joke of a mayor, and unions having the city by the balls.

  4. Ruby

    We call him “peckerhead” in our house. Way back the Trib. and Mercury used to present both sides of the coin but once Torstar came in, both papers turned hard left.
    We now laugh at the calls from TO desperate for us to buy a subscription to the Merc. given that Torstar has managed to kill it off.

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