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  1. Louis

    Well at the debate Wynne struggled from what the news reports been telling me, So it is telling me that she may lose a few seats at her poor performance yesterday.

    • Boomer

      We can only hope Louis. I can’t believe the number of Liberal Lemmings drinking the Kool – aid…

    • Boomer:Their numbers are dropping.The schoolmarmish delivery of Ms Wynne during the debate was an indication that it’s her way or the highway. Her pal in Guelph, Liz Sandals, should be looking over shoulder after her leader’s debate performance. Old governments are much like old soldiers, they just fade away.

  2. peggy

    It is sad , but our society has become selfish. Everyone wants things and they want things now. This is how McGuinty and Wynn have opperated their government and they gave in to every demand of the big Unions. If there are to many government employees then some have to go. I feel bad that anyone looses their job ,but we, the taxpayers cannot afford to pay huge salaries and pensions on unnecessary job placements. How many of the 400,000 jobs that Wynn brags about creating were government postitions? Hudak says at least 100,000. The Liberals didn’t seen to care when there were 60,000 jobs at stake in the horse racing industry . So for , in just 1 year there have been at least 9,000 lost , plus hundreds have lost or are in the process of loosing their farms. Everyone agrees that we should create clean and renewable energy, but you can’t bankrupt the province in doing so as the Liberals have done. Time for change. Anthony MacDonald is the best bet.

    • Boomer

      Many people are out of work due to the Liberal regime but the hogs at the trough eating our tax dollars seem to always survive. I’ll give Hudak his dues for standing up to these folks and their sense of entitlement. I don’t like seeing people lose their jobs either but what saddens me more than that is people in the private sector lining up for food, they can’t make ends meet or even find a job…whilst the ‘let them eat cake’ priveliged public servants don’t give a $#@!. I know small industries that have closed or laid people off because the Liberals won’t get out of bed with Ontario Power Corp and the costs of operating is out of hand…no bail outs for these people. I don’t know Anthony, he’s been very low profile which is disappointing but I’ll still vote for him. Not Liz and not the little socialist running for the NDP.

  3. Ruby

    Ms. Sandals in recent press coverage smugly stated that she doesn’t actually read things put in front of her, she just signs off on them.

    When a politician smiles as they say that publicly, it’s time for them to be kicked to the curb.

  4. geo

    The Liberals want to raise taxes and the deficit, no I’m not kidding. They represent the status quo and cowardice. If they are re- elected I don’t know if Ontario can find it’s way back.

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