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  1. Glen N. Tolhurst

    Methinks you have been outside in the noonday sun while not wearing your pith helmet. Take a look at the C.V. of Tmmy Hudak. He has never worked one day in his life for an entity that had to provide a service or product and deliver a profit to the bottom line. So he has a MA in Economics. Wowsers! As they say an economist is someone who see something working in the real world and believes he can make it work in theory. Take a boo at his Million jobs plan, fer instance. A rigourous analysis of Tim Hudak’s “Million Jobs Plan” shows how jingoistic and shallow it is in reality. Half of the jobs would be created through natural economic growth, which he conveniently ignores. Ontario spends the 2nd-lowest per capita on government services in Canada (after Quebec). There’s no evidence of a causal relationship between a) deficit spending on a private sector job growth and b) public sector job cuts and private sector job growth. Based on population projections, even if labour force participation were to go back up to historical highs of 67% (from 66% today), increasing the number of jobs in Ontario by 1,000,000 by 2022 would mean reducing unemployment to 3.1% – an unheard of figure in the western world. Hudak is either the greatest job creator/economist of the past century or another hack selling the lie of trickledown economics. And he will do this while cutting 100,000 jobs. This dog don’t hunt. Hell, just about every economist in the world, save for a few U.S. based Tea Party-type flunkies paid by Hudak poo hoo his jobs plan. No matter what are the street creds of the local PC candidate, the fact that a vote for him is a vote for mini-Mike (as in Harris) Timmy Hudak muddies the supposedly rationale act of choosing a government.. Intellectually Hudak is about as deep as a puddle of panther piss on a parking lot at high noon and his platform similarly reeks.
    Time to hold your nose and vote Liberal!!

    • Thanks Glen: I would rather vote for the green party than for Liz Sandals and the McGuinty/Wynne collaboration they call the Ontario Liberal Party. I an surprised that you discount the billions that have been wasted on closing down gas plants to win three seats, or the e-health disaster: the Orange helicopter scandal; paying private renewable energy companies lush fees for supplying electricity for the next 20 years. Running a deficit for as long as anyone can remember and forcing citizens to service the provincial debt that is now the most expensive item next to health care the government must pay for. Now we have PanAm scam in which the cost of these games has exceed estimates by more than a billion dollars. Where does that money come from? You and me. Liz Sandals has been a partner in this serious of financial blunders and does not deserve re-election. You’re welcome.

  2. peggy

    I am not voting for Liz Sandals because she could care less about what her constituants want and all about what her party wants and that is not at all good. If you have a problem with what the government is doing to you , DON’T expect to get a meeting with Liz Sandals. She is always to busy. If you email her , her secretary MIGHT email you back. Don’t hold your breath. I and Many I know, have tried to speak to her concerning the Liberal party policies but were never able to get an appointment.

  3. Ruby

    The only viable choice is Anthony MacDonald.

  4. peggy

    David, I am a member of the horse racing community and we are not at all some of the “blessed” , none of us could get passes her secretary. There is something wrong with politics when your MP, MPP or Mayor . is unavailable to their public. It is not government by the people for the people anymore it is government by the politicians for the benifit of the politicians.

  5. Douglas

    Anthony MacDonald is a breath of fresh air amidst the stench of Liberal scandals and corruption.

  6. Steve

    Hudak’s platform in the last election included cancelling the gas plants. Had he been elected and followed through it would have cost exactly the same amount.
    That, coupled with his insulting abuse of arithmetic in his Million Jobs Plan, shows just how stupid he thinks Ontarians are. He can blatantly lie and mislead and still count on a dedicated base of voters who are more invested in ideology than facts.

  7. Glen N. Tolhurst

    Steve – you are absolutely correct with your assessment of Hudak. While McGuinty never saw a tax he didn’t like, I believe Wynne is smart enough to know she can’t be a clone of McGuinty and that she has to provide leadership to control spending. A Hudak scorched earth ideological based platform of creating enemies and cutting your nose off to spite your face to achieve a balanced budget smacks of U.S. Tea Party and Harperite right-wing blather.
    As an aside, even though Gerry’s original article was anti Sandals & would be expected to draw comments from those of a similar feeling, I am slightly amazed at the invective Sandals has garnered. If nothing else it should be “a slap up the side of the head” to not ignore your constituents. Something the mayor, as well, should have realized long ago.

  8. Louis

    Well Sandals does have a lot to lose this election, James Gordon is well known in the city, the Green Party Candidate in Guelph also happens to be the leader of the Green Party. Needless to say I won’t be voting for Sandals either, because we went to her a little while back in regards to Lyme disease, needless to say she wasn’t very helpful at all, said she was gonna find a doctor for my sister, and didn’t get one, So it is time to get voters to vote her out, I don’t care who gets in for a Guelph MPP as long as it isn’t her.

    • grahamfreeman

      Well if you can get an answer out of Sandals, that’s something – but why were you going to a politician for health advice in the first place? Did you contact the Lyme Disease Association of Ontario?

    • Louis

      Because it is her job to help people in the riding, and she did nothing at all, she said she was going to find a doctor but nope nothing. So she lost my vote, and my parents vote, and hopefully other peoples votes I know I really should make a facebook post saying ‘if anyone votes liberal, then I’ll remove ya from my friends list’ Because a vote for liberal means a vote for farbridge another useless leader this city doesn’t need.

    • grahamfreeman

      I think you misunderstand the role of an Ontario MPP. It’s not to help you find a doctor – in fact it’s not to help you at all. The role of an Ontario MPP is to represent you in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. If you think that an MPP is there to help you just think of all the other people who are there to help you, like members of the Police service, or Firefighters. Do you ask them to help you find a doctor? No, because that’s not their job, and neither is it the job of your MPP. I assume you exhausted all the medical avenues in Guelph and surrounding cities, like hospitals, community health centres and walk-in clinics. Hamilton’s Joseph Brant Hospital is less than an hour from Guelph General Hospital, and KW’s, Cambridge’s and even Milton’s are closer than that PLUS all the other healthcare outlets you must have asked at before turning to a member of the government for medical advice. Did you contact the Minister of Health for Ontario? What about the Deputy Minister, or Chief Medical Officer for Health, or even the Provincial Chief Nursing Officer? All these people are far more likely to be able to help you regarding Lyme disease than your MPP or MP. You could even have gone to the Public Health Agency of Canada, or the LDAO.

      You are obviously a man of conviction when it comes to voting in the upcoming election, but “Sandals didn’t help me find a doctor” isn’t convincing me to vote one way or the other.

      (Also, the only vote for Farbridge that counts is going in the ballot box in October, not this month)

  9. geo

    It’s beyond me why anyone who doesn’t work for the Provincial Liberals (I’m talking public sector employees) would vote for them but if the Hudak led Conservatives don’t flatten Wynne and company this election then whoever is running the show for the P. C ‘s should be turfed.
    If John Tory was still the leader of the P.C’s this election would be a cake walk for them.

  10. Louis

    it is leading towards a conservative minority from the polls so it might be an indication, I just hope we don’t have Sandals in for a few more years , thank god for left wing split.

  11. laura

    I agree with Glen. A vote for the conservatives is a vote for Harper in Ontario since they appear to be clones of each other. In lieu of the choices available it seems better to have a minority government at best.

    The last time there was a conservative government in power in Ontario, government jobs were lost, hospitals closed. Remember Walkerton? That happened after the Ministry of the Environment was virtually gutted and the provincial labs were closed. Then we ended up with an NDP majority that stuck us with the “Rae Days” I still remember those days since I worked in a 24/7 service type job where forcing staff to take their Rae Days resulted in the closing of hospital beds, use of agency staff to replace workers at a much higher hourly rate than the staffers who were forced to take unpaid days off.
    Hudak can promise what he wants, now, during the campaign he is like all politicians running for office. Talk tax reduction that old chesnut that rarely, if ever happens, later. Does anyone believe he will actually reduce your provincial taxes by 10% in 2 years?

    • Louis

      We’d have to cut everything because of McGuinty’s BS taxes and fees he put on like he promised not to raise taxes, and look what he did. Plus Ornge, the gas plants and the other things. As long as Sandals gets voted out I’ll be happy

    • Essie

      Your timeline is a bit fuzzy – the Peterson Liberal government, then the Rae NDP government, and then, in a very large swing in the opposite direction, the Harris Conservatives. I still think David Peterson has a lot to answer for – he called an election three years into his term and lost to the NDP, which then led to Mike Harris coming into power … and 10 years later we’re still living with the fallout from many of his policies (the megacity of Toronto for one.)

  12. Steve

    One of the main reasons we have a huge deficit in this province is the ongoing business tax cuts. They’ve been reduced by more than half between 1995 and today. That’s BILLIONS in lost revenue. Now Hudak wants to cut them even more! His claim that it will increase jobs is a flat out lie.
    Business and corporate tax cuts have never, ever resulted in job gains and they never will. The simple fact that everyone who has ever run a business knows is that job growth only happens when there is increased demand for your product or service. That means getting disposable income into the hands of Ontarians who don’t have any right now so they can become consumers. Corporate tax cuts don’t do that, they just line the pockets of already-rich shareholders.

    • Louis

      Don’t forget how much the city enjoys making it difficult for people to actually run businesses as well, they seem to like putting up a fight.

      Even Linamar complained about the property taxes saying they were too high, but in the end Guelph is lucky to have Linamar or else the city will get screwed over, but look at Sandals and Farbridge, with how much they screwed over the city, the pretty much done the work for the conservatives anyways.

    • grahamfreeman

      On one hand we have Steve saying business taxes are too low, and on the other we have Louis saying they are too high. Steve says low corporate tax doesn’t help the job market, and Louis says Guelph could lose a major employer because of high corporate property taxation.

      At least one of you is flat out wrong. My advice to voters is go look at the figures yourself.

  13. Louis

    Yea I think people need to vote with what they think is the right thing to do, we got the Guelph Factor as well, that Guthrie wants to shake off, and look at the west end of the city, its booming as far as businesses are concerned. I wish I could say that about the east end where I live, but my councilors are useless, and my one friend successfully sued the city because the city workers had to dig and ending up messing up his lawn, and the city workers / Bob Bell were all lying about what had happened. I also don’t know if Bob Bell is seeking re-election I haven’t heard anything.

    The lawyer representing the city was trying to convince the judge at the end to keep the case going, and I actually came in, to watch the case with my friend, and the lawyer actually whispered to himself ‘oh shit, he bought in a reporter’ because the way I dressed made myself look like a news reporter, and it wouldn’t reflect well on the city if they went after a person who has muscular skeletal disease. But before I go too far off topic, the judge kept telling the lawyer to quit pursuing the case.

    But sorry for going a bit off topic with that, another thing I am looking at is about PCTrust, they are suing the city… or is it the police force over them harassing John there, unsure if they are trying to force him out due to gentrification or that he is selling stolen merchandise, but me thinks it is a little bit of both, but on the topic of gentrification, which businesses is the mayor starting to target?

  14. Ruby

    Laura, Congratulations! you get the medal for being the first one to mention Mike Harris.
    Walkerton happened because the locals who had had the job “running” the water system for years were f”ing the dog.

    Ontario is going at Detroit velocity thanks to the 11 years of Liberals rule.

  15. Ruby

    Excuse me. allude to the Mike Harris years re: Walkerton

    Harper’s not perfect but we weathered the financial storm better than others did. And as he’s in power for the moment, looks like lots of other Canadians think so too.

    • grahamfreeman

      Harper can’t be awarded a pat on the back for weathering the 2007/2008 global financial crisis. He took power in 2006 and inherited a robust economy complete with banking industry regulations. It was those regulations that saved the Canadian economy from the failures of the US “sub-prime” debacle, but lots of Canadian institutions had investments tied up in ABCP deals that were written off, wiping out billions of dollars. BMO wrote off $490M, and CIBC initially wrote off $2B, a number which would eventually grow as the crisis deepened.

      The first measure of an economy is often the unemployment rate, and Canada saw its biggest ever monthly loss of jobs in January 2009. That’s hardly something to brag about when the Canadian Automotive industry was bailed out that year to the tune of $11.8B in Canadian taxpayer’s money. We’ve had $6.2B of that repaid, and we hold about $4.5B worth of shares in Chrysler and GM, so we lost/spent over a billion dollars to save who-knows how many jobs had both those companies folded.

  16. Ruby

    Okay, so you are saying the banks saved us and previous Liberal governments?

    You are using Jan, 2009 employment numbers for 2014? It’s not surprising the job numbers from that time wouldn’t be great given the financial crisis just happened in 2008. We fared a lot better than others yet Harper had nothing to do with it. Yea, okay.

    What about the years from 2010 to 2014 which brings us up to today?

    Not sure if you supported the idea of the auto bailout or not? That was one area where Harper hasn’t been perfect. GM and Chrysler should not have been bailed out.

    • grahamfreeman

      “Okay, so you are saying the banks saved us”

      Entirely the opposite. The banks wanted (and still want) to loosen the regulations in order to be able to take greater risks in the search for greater profits. The most publicly visible of these regulations is CDIC insurance of taxpayers’ bank accounts which was put in place in 1967. In CDIC’s first 30 years, 47 banks in Canada declared bankruptcy and all 47 were covered by CDIC. (If you’re keeping count, 10 of those 30 years were Conservative governments and saw 26 of those banks go under. In the other 20 Liberal years 21 banks failed). No Canadian bank has failed since 1996 – due to stringent financial regulations. Personally I don’t care who enacted them all, but I’m comfortable knowing there’s a handbrake on any potential public sector financial runaway.

      “You are using Jan, 2009 employment numbers for 2014?”

      No, I’m using 2009 employment figures for 2009 because that’s the time period you were talking about. As for the years from 2010 to 2014, yes what about them? Was there something specific you wanted to mention?

  17. Ruby

    I never mentioned any time period at all. You did.

    I said Canadians have weathered the 2008 financial storm better than others under Harper. The fallout from 2008 didn’t end in 2009 but perhaps you haven’t noticed that.

    Thanks for clarifying your incoherent comments re: the banks. Nothing wrong with making a profit; Cdn. bank stock is usually good to buy.

  18. grahamfreeman

    “I never mentioned any time period at all. You did. I said Canadians have weathered the 2008 financial storm better than others under Harper. ”

    That’s a time period right there.

    “Thanks for clarifying your incoherent comments re: the banks.”

    There was nothing incoherent about it at all. I can’t be blamed if you incorrectly infer that the banks saved us when I most clearly stated that it was the banking regulations that saved the Canadian economy.

    So regarding the fallout of the economic crisis of 2008, do you think you are better off, or worse off financially than six years ago? If the political landscape stays the same, how do you think things will be for you financially in 2018?

    • grahamfreemen: Good points. If the Ontario Liberals return to power, by the time we reach 2018, what they will have done will make 2008 look like a cake walk. After voting in the advance poll, I sense change is coming because of the volume of voters voting early. It’s usually an indicator of change is on the way.

    • grahamfreeman

      The Ontario Liberals are already in power, so they’d retain it rather than return to it.

      The Liberals have lost 5 seats since the last Ontario general election, which when you consider they had a minority with 53 seats in the first place is bad news for them. The Conservatives started on 37 seats, lost, gained, lost, gained and are still on 37. The winner in terms of representatives over the past two-and-three-quarter years has been the NDP. They now have 21 seats up from the 17 they started this parliament with – and curiously seem to do better in the east than in the west. Or maybe better away from Toronto and Ottawa where Liberals are traditionally stronger and Conservatives less so.

      Going it by that alone I don’t think we’ll see any Conservative ridings flipping to NDP but neither do I think the Conservatives will make enough gains to form even a minority government. The turnout last time was terrible – less than half of the electorate bothered to vote so hearing you say the advance voting numbers are up is heartening.

      I’m concentrating on my riding’s candidates before I decide which way to vote, but in the end I think the next Ontario legislature is going to be a mess politically and there’ll be a lot of eye-rolling watching the news over the next four years as the politicians all act like children. It may look embarrassing but I prefer to think of it as nothing will get passed unless it’s essential. It will be a quiet session as far as things getting done is concerned but it’s going to be a goldmine of opportunity for the media reporting on all the squabbling.

    • grahamfreeman: That’s an interesting analysis.The heat is now being turned up by all parties as the vote draws closer. My gut says it’s another minority only this time PC. They’ll face the same problems that Premier Wynne’s party faced in minority. The three parties, Liberal, NDP and Greens, all lean to the left so don’t expect a lot of support for the PC’s.. If the PC’s win they will have to go to the centre to gather other party support if they intend to get things rolling and approval of the budget. Their big advantage is all parties felt the sting of the voters during the campaign. So in order not to alienate the voters all the parties elected to the Legislature will have to reach some compromise. Otherwise Ontario will just evolve into an unmanageable banana republic.

    • grahamfreeman

      Makes you wonder how far from the traditional manifestos these parties will stray, just to win votes. There comes a point where a voter sees their party machine as merely a vote-winning contraption designed to keep those at the top in power no matter what, rather than champion the ideals they are supposed to care about. I expect there’ll be a lot more disgruntled voters in the 2018 election, assuming people don’t adopt the typical short-term memory when it comes to recent political history.

    • Louis

      Apparently I read that whoever wins Kitchener Center wins the election, but the odds may be stacked against Sandals as well, because we don’t have university students from different areas to skew the vote. So in the end the vote will be a bit different than usual.

    • grahamfreeman

      Louis : Guelph has a better track record in that than Kitchener Centre. Guelph’s MPP has been a member of the governing party all the way back to 1987 whereas in Kitchener that goes back to only 1999. I’m not sure if other ridings have a longer record than that.

    • Louis

      Another factor is, no university students this time round, and most students these days are looking to alternatives as well, it could work for the Conservatives or against. And a major defining factor is James Gordon wanted free bus service on election day for people to vote, same thing, could work for and against the parties.

      However Guelph Transit is close to going on strike as well.

      I just hope the results get Sandals out.

  19. Garry

    Katherine Wynne will the next ” Kim Campbell ” – elected by the party only to lead the party plane down in flames ; Then to be replaced by Andrea Horwath when she realizes she will never win with the NDP – so she will switch to the Liberal party ( only the real good ones stay ) – when they turf Wynne out the door after getting creamed in this election

  20. Louis

    I realized another huge factor that may or may not be detrimental to all the parties is the world cup being on tomorrow

    • grahamfreeman

      I doubt a single FIFA World Cup match is a “huge factor” in an Ontario election.

    • Louis

      well it might be since the kickoff is at 4, and the busiest time for the polls also is at 4, it may make a difference in the results especially for those in Toronto and the GTA, Something like that, people will go for sports over politics.

  21. Glen N. Tolhurst

    As you go to vote tomorrow, be thankful you don’t have to drive on Highway 407 to get to the poll and pay the outrageously increased tolls since the last Progressive Conservative government, of which “smilin’ Timmy” was a cabinet minister, sold the highway to a private consortium.
    Be thankful they couldn’t figure out how to sell the air you breathe.

  22. Glen N. Tolhurst

    Gerry… you backed a dead horse with Timmy Hudak… 58 Liberal, 28 PC & 21 NDP!!! Now get back to focusing on getting rid of Farbridge & her gang of 7!!

  23. Glen N. Tolhurst

    Is it possible that part of the fallout from the Urbacon lawsuit, that City Hall will have to yield naming rights of the building to Urbacon?

    • Glen N. Tolhurst: The possibility exists. After the dust settles and the costs are allocated, the city may have to take out a mortgage in
      Urbacon’s favor to pay the bill.

  24. Louis

    Don’t forget the possible Guelph Transit strike on Monday, Some of her gang may not be going for another round in the election so it is already a partial victory.

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