Holy Hannah Pappert, did the devil make you do it?

Posted April 7, 2014

It takes a lot of nerve to have the senior staff officer in the administration claim that the decision to fire Urbacon Buildings Corp. was strictly made by her predecessor Hans Loewig without consent of council.

How convenient. How she protects her elected masters from any culpability in this growing scandal in which damages can cost the city millions.

Ann Pappert should be ashamed of associating herself with this charade of who is responsible. Her claim that Loewig consulted lawyers, outside consultants and project management staff, does not exonerate the responsibility of Council.

Ann, the elected officials are trustees of the public interests. They have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure the city operates in a manner that avoids financial disasters such as this.

To claim now that the record shows that members of that council, including the Mayor and some current members, were not involved in the decision to terminate Urbacon is your Pinocchio moment. Hiding behind that specious proposal is worse than owning up to it.

To suggest that the Mayor was not involved in the decision can mean only two things: She is lying or she believed she was not responsible. Or maybe she was just afraid. But isn’t that what she gets the big bucks for?

It still does not take away her fiduciary responsibility to the citizens of Guelph who rely on her management, competence and truthfulness.

Ms. Pappert says a “complete legal search of Council files has resulted in the following: There was no report to Council seeking Council approval of this decision. There is no resolution of Council directing staff to terminate the contract.” And I promise to marry you in the morning.

Did Council suddenly make Hans Loewig Mayor of Guelph?

Ms. Pappert, read the Judge’s statement again. He asked the two parties to try to come to agreement over the costs. If unable, the costs will be subject to trial, possibly in October.

This CAO’s statement is an affront to every person in the city, particularly those who voted in 2006 for the Mayor and her cohorts, Leanne Piper, Karl Wettstein, Lise Burcher, Mike Salisbury, June Hoffland, Maggie Laidlaw, Ian Findlay, Vicky Beard, and Kathleen Ferrelly.

It is apparent that if you are a member of Guelph Council then when the going gets tough, the tough hide behind the senior staffer’s version of what happened that day Urbacon was fired.

And she wasn’t even there.

Maybe Mr. Loewig should consult a lawyer after this broadside on his character.





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3 responses to “Holy Hannah Pappert, did the devil make you do it?

  1. Milton Burns

    Obviously Farbridge is doing her best to imitate Sargent Schultz of Hogans Heroes. I see NOTHING. I know NOTHING.

  2. Boomer

    Glad to see that open government and transparency working so well! What a joke and what an feeble attempt to cover up the errors of the administration AND council who played just as an important part in this mess. I remember vividly attempts by staff AT council to smear Urbicon with PPS presentations of not so apparent shortcomings of Urbicon’s work. This was an effort to justify the termination of the contractor. We all know council was in on it. To state they were not is an insult to taxpayer’s intelligence.

  3. geo

    A strong leader would step forward and accept complete responsibility for the situation, especially when the situation unfolded under their leadership.
    Unfortunately were stuck with “Her Royal Highness” Karen Farbridge

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