Coun. Ian Findlay and the Wilson Farmhouse fantasy

Posted March 14, 2014

You can bet the mashed potatoes that Wednesday, March 20, the council will again defer the city staff recommendation to demolish the Wilson Farmhouse. There are apparently three proposals being submitted to restore the crumbling eyesore.

It’s more evidence of a tired Heritage support’ tactic called “paralysis by analysis”.

Ian Findlay’s role in helping their cause flies in the face of 100 per cent of the taxpayers who must stare at this dump that is long past its due date.  The first so-called business plan called for the city to invest $500,000 to restore the place turning it into a community centre with café, meeting rooms and learning facility.

It was so badly put together that they forgot where to park their cars.

The city already spent more than $30,000 just to keep the place standing. It is rife with vermin and dangerous mould. Staff recommended last year to tear it down, as it is a hazard. But the council heritage mavens including Mr. Findlay, plumped for public submissions to restore the building.

Mayor Farbridge voted for demolition.

Among those voting to give the joint another life were councillors from Ward Six, Todd Dennis and Karl Wettstein, representing the ward at the other end of town. These two muffins wouldn’t know a heritage building from a Volvo but they soldiered on with the council heritage majority to SAVE THE WILSON.

Why not spend more time saving the city? Or, even a recreation complex in your ward that was planned more then 15 years ago?

It’ll take another three or more months to eliminate the daffy proposals that call for city investment or loan guarantees. Councillors supporting a scheme to keep the issue going can kiss their re-election hopes goodbye in October 2014.

And that includes Mr. Findlay.


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