The lambs are off the reservation as they scramble to re-invent themselves

Posted March 13, 2014

“They are poor little lambs who have gone astray, Baaa, Baaa Baaa” – The Whiffenpoof lament.

This seems to sum up the action of the 13 dedicated Farbridge activists who run the Guelph Civic League (GCL), or whatever they are calling it now.

As a public service, guelphspeaks takes you through the seven-month gestation period of the Farbridge attack team’s re-labeling its former political action self.

It started last September when Andy Best was elected president of “The New Guelph Civic League”. This announcement was accompanied by strenuous explanations that the “New” version had no alliances with the “Old” organization. It’s the same old bunch that obtained a $130,000 grant from the taxpayer-funded Trillium Foundation to conduct programs to benefit community organizations.

In order to qualify for the grant, they had to create a new corporate entity called 10 Carden Street. This coincidently is the street front address of the Guelph Civic League.

Well, guelphspeaks outed the New GCL as the same old pro-Farbridge organization that was supporting the Mayor’s re-election campaign. It’s interesting to note that the Farbridge loyalists are so well financed with taxpayer money that they use their resources to defend a dysfunctional, distrusted administration.

This is the same bunch in 2006. that was used by the Farbridge election campaign to destroy the Kate Quarrie government, wiping most members of council. It was ruthless and dirty and yet Karen Farbridge rose above this slobbering pack of operatives who did her dirty work under the guise of representing the citizen’s interests in the city. Their tactic included death threats, slashed tires and bringing outside campaigners.

But there’s more. Mr. Best recently announced he was resigning as GCL president to spend more time with family interests. If it were true, it would make a good story, creating public understanding.

Instead, we have yet another version of GCL. This one is the Guelph Citizen website with a professional format. And the man who created it is, Tah Dah! Andy Best. Already it is attacking GrassRoots Guelph, claiming it represents far right conservative interests.

GrassRoots Guelph is an independent citizens’ organization created to encourage candidates who share GRG concerns about the mismanagement, the excessive taxation and spending of the Farbridge administration.

Its membership is open to anyone regardless of political leanings. We are a party of the people of Guelph.

If you have any doubts about the Guelph Civic League being the attack dogs for the Farbridge re-election agenda, judge them by their deceptive actions of regularly changing their identification. Having to defend a Mayor and her council cohorts whose seven-year record will be tougher to defend than the tactics used in the 2006 election.

This reincarnation is yet another version of the same old song: “Poor little lambs who have gone astray.”

One can only hope that one whiff and poof! They are gone.

Baa, Baa, Baa.



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4 responses to “The lambs are off the reservation as they scramble to re-invent themselves

  1. JM

    I’m no fan of the GCL, but death threats and slashed tires? Can you expand on these accusations? Why weren’t the police involved?

    As for the outside campaigners, didn’t Quarrie do the same thing? She brought in a Republican strategist, didn’t she? It lead to the election pamphlet that accused Farbridge of perjury and fraud or something along those lines. Quarrie had to make a statement retracting the statements as I recall.

    • JM: These are events that occurred in 2006 and I believe the police investigated without making any arrests. The suggestion that the Quarrie campaign brought in a Republican strategists is a stretch and I would like to know the source. Even if her team did that, they sure made a big mistake bringing in an American political strategist who knows nothing about Ontario civic election law and procedures. Maybe he or she was the same person who advised the Quarrie campaign to libel Ms. Farbridge. If what you claim is true, I do not recall any legal suit by Ms. Farbridge. Regardless, that was 2006 and this is 2014 and a vastly different political atmosphere exists today as the Farbridge majority on council now has to defend their record.

  2. Louis

    Yea I am counting down the days until we actually get a more conservative council in Guelph. I am tired of bleeding heart liberals always running things here and their typical liberal BS they are getting as bad as Obama and Trudeau.

    • Louis: Well I certainly see where you are coming from. However GrassRoots Guelph is composed of folks representing all political stripes. That’s why we stay away from provincial and federal politics and concentrate on being the party of the people. We will encourage those candidates who want to return fiscal responsibility to our city government.

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