Is this the right time to be hiring more $100,000-plus employees?

Posted March 5, 2014

City Clerk, Blair Labelle, has been re-assigned to manage the Information Technology (IT) department. Human resources chief, Mark Amorosi, is now on the hunt for a new clerk whose responsibilities include being chief electoral officer for the October 27 civic election. Also the new clerk will have the responsibility of launching the on-line voting system in the advance poll preceding the October 27 civic election.

Mr. Amorosi opined that Mr. Labelle will be available to guide the new man leading up to this vote. As if he needs to run one department that has not had a manager for some months but also hold the hand of his replacement.

On top of that, there is the hiring of a Chief Executive Officer for the Guelph Municipal Holdings Inc (GMHI). This corporation was created by the Mayor to get control of the city-owned Guelph Hydro. She was recently quoted as saying that the city’s electricity distribution system may be consolidated with other systems in the province.

Translation: The $130 million asset will be sold and the proceeds received by GMHI, controlled by the Mayor and her supporters on the present council.

It’s ironic that a few years ago the Mayor tried to get council to agree to merge Guelph Hydro with similar utilities in Hamilton and St. Catharines. The public outcry forced a negative vote and the Mayor lost her bid to get her hands on the money.

Now we are hiring another senior executive to run a GMHI who could find himself without the Guelph Hydro Asset, but a pile of cash.

You can bet the ranch the proceeds have already been earmarked for the planned downtown underground energy project. This  allegedly will provide thermal heating and cooling to downtown buildings.

The Farbridge administration is now in its hurry-up, pre-election offense. It’s promising to operate an “open” government but continuing to spend millions on the city’s downtown core at the expense of the vast majority of its citizens. Those very people whose property taxes support this spate of monument building by a tired and dysfunctional administration.

How about you? Are you tired of high taxes and excessive spending? Join grass and work with the only citizens’ organization dedicated to returning fiscal order and management to our city.



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One response to “Is this the right time to be hiring more $100,000-plus employees?

  1. Jerry

    HI Gerry
    I am beyond tired of the higher taxes with no benefits to citizens in Guelph..
    I am looking forward to the fall and see the big changes in Guelph.
    My question to you is this.Why does the old city clerk have to show the new
    city clerk the job.Does any joe lunch box get a shot at this job?Did they not
    learn there lesson when they hired the manager over at transit about
    qualifications for a certain job.
    My point is if they hire a respected,qualified person with years of experience for this job there should be no hand holding.
    Something to think about on a friday.

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