Former reporter speaks his mind and sometimes it’s better to think before speaking

Posted February 28, 2014

Writing in the Guelph Mercury, former reporter Scott Tracey speaks out of his mouth both sides at the same time.

First, he called GrassRoots Guelph an “upstart group” for daring to present a petition to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing requesting an audit of the city’s finances and operations.

Then he tells us “I am fine with organized opposition to any politician or political group, but let’s not pretend this group is politically neutral.”

Thanks, Scott, for your permission to organize and oppose the administration. One that has had complete control of the public’s business and has conducted most of it behind closed doors for the past seven and one half years.

And Scott, in my opinion, you were complicit in the administration’s efforts to force its agenda on an unsuspecting public.

As the former beat reporter covering the city administration, you consistently supported the policies and political agenda of the Farbridge administration. But your keyboard fell silent when it came to any criticism of the Farbridge regime.

In fact, in my opinion, if you had done your job and covered the city business telling both sides of the story, there would probably be no need for a citizens group to take up the responsibility that you abdicated.

Your comment about a legally organized citizens group challenging the administration only emphasizes your unwillingness to investigate and report the whole story.  

Your statement that GrassRoots Guelph is not politically neutral is the first true statement you made in your freelance submission carried in the Mercury.  GRG never said it was politically neutral.  What it said that it was non-partisan. Heck, you would have been welcome to join if you wanted.

The final part of your piece makes a mockery of journalistic integrity.  In it you tut-tutted the city’s CAO for claiming the city’s financial position is “strong and getting stronger”, but providing no evidence or attribution.

Isn’t that how you practised your craft for these past seven years covering city hall?

Scott, GRG has worked hard with the guidance of professional financial analysts to parse the official financial statements produced by the city for some four years. The Ministry officials confirmed that the numbers in the petition are accurate.

Why the Minister decided not to proceed with the audit does not change the facts. GRG is still considering the offer by the Minister to have her officials facilitate such a meeting and the terms and conditions.

But have faith. GRG will continue to inform the citizens by presenting accurate facts about how their business is being conducted by the Farbridge administration.

In my opinion, they and you have a lot to answer for.




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9 responses to “Former reporter speaks his mind and sometimes it’s better to think before speaking

  1. Mark

    Twist all you want: non partisan means squat. We all can see this is not a politically neutral group and IS very partisan to the right. Get over yourself. Run for Mayor instead of hiding behind your keyboard!

    • Mark: Please explain to me in English what non-partisan means. No, let me enlighten you. It means GrassRoots Guelph welcomes anyone who shares the views that the the city administration needs a restart. We don’t care if you are Liberal, Conservative, NDP, Green or polka-dotted. And we’ve got ’em all under our tent … well maybe not the polka dot crowd. I will not be a candidate for Mayor. But I will use my God-given right to speak up. Why not join us and share in change and the challenge?

    • paul

      Good stuff, Gerry!

  2. paul

    Very well put, Gerry…cudos to you!

  3. geo

    One of the reasons I quit subscribing to the Merc was their investigative reporter,Tracy, never investigated anything.

  4. Mark

    Everything you’ve written is right wing based. Where are the “others” in this group? I don’t see or hear any other opinions but your own. Show me the money Gary. Run for Mayor or Council. Put your money where your mouth is. Prove to them all you are Right about everything.

    • Mark: Control yourself. What I write are facts about an agenda that has misled the taxpayers of this city in the name of progress. You would be surprise that I am a progressive who believes in fiscal responsibility, progress that is affordable and thinking before our civic government launches into its schemes and spending. In seven years, our city has been force -fed policies that most voters never supported. By the way, the name is Gerry and if you can’t get that straight, I promise to call you Mook.

  5. geo

    Good boy Mark.
    Her Royal Highness is very pleased with you.
    You get a gold star; right dead centre on your forehead.

  6. Mary Heyens

    I am looking forward to hearing speaker Candice Malcom’s from the CTF (Canadian Taxpayers Federation) at the GRG April 16th breakfast. A citizens advocacy group dedicated to lower taxes, less waste and accountable government. The CTF makes change happen and so does GRG. Thank you Gerry and the GRG Team!

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