We don’t always agree but this time the Mercury got it right

Posted February 27, 2014

The Guelph Mercury has been the paper of record in our community for many years. I have had complaints and differences of opinion with the editors.

This week, the paper’s editorial of the city’s response to the Ministerial letter declining to proceed with an audit, drew unusual over-the-top comments from the Chief Administration Officer and the Mayor.

But the Mercury editorial took a balanced response and quoted parts of Minister’s  letter, also received by GrassRoots Guelph members.

Thanks to the Mercury editors who kept their heads. They produced a commentary that was fair and accurately reflected the intent of Minister Linda Jeffery in her letter to all parties.

She never said nor inferred that the GRG petition was a “waste of time.”


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3 responses to “We don’t always agree but this time the Mercury got it right

  1. Boomer

    Well, we had to know the city would put a spin on it to make themselves look so pure ~ when in fact….

  2. Mr. Barker – your legacy will be a dour and sour old man who is living in the past. Your rants have always been to the far right and it seems that the only thing that is important to you is money. Well sir there a million other things in life. Stay angry but do not pretend your the grassroots of Guelph.

    • Jamie Belford: Why are you so angry? Just because I expose the soft underbelly of the Farbridge administration, doesn’t necessarily square with your view of life. Hey! It takes all kinds. What motivates me is the fact the city won’t pick up my garbage, won’t plow my street and our taxes have doubled in 11 years. I believe that warrants some new responsible management of the Royal City because, if it’s happening to us, it’s happening to a lot of citizens. Just wondering, do you pay taxes? Do you receive the services that those taxes pay for?

      I am old and unafraid to admit it, I am not sour and I have a great sense of humor but you colourless leftists have a sense of entitlement so long as someone else picks up the bill. Why don’t you check out the amount of affordable housing that the Farbridge administration has built in the past eight years … if you get my drift.

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