The Guelphspeaks prayer for 2014

Posted December 24, 2013

May our bridges and underpasses be engineered to accommodate our traffic

May all citizens have their garbage removed by the city

May Mayor Karen Farbridge lose the surly bonds of City Hall and get out and about

May our postal services be privatized and home delivery restored

May Mike Duffy get a job at Walmart as a greeter

May Coun. Ian Findlay stop pushing resurrection of the Wilson farm house

May heritage maven, Susan Ratcliffe, discover that taxpayers are citizens too

May Stephen Harper make up with former Chief of Staff, Nigel Wright

May the Guelph Police Services Board discover who pays the bills in our town

May the loonie exchange rate never drop below 90 cents to the U.S. dollar

May my car start in the morning

May Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford, receive the 2013 Richard Pryor comedian of the year award

May MPP Liz Sandals realize the $6 billion McGuinty gas plant hangover is for real

May the Guelph Mercury recognize there are two-sides to every story in our naked city

May internal auditor, Loretta Alonzo, be recognized as city employee of the year

May the costly Farbridge inspired “well-being” program be put out of its misery

May this be a bad year for dandelions, grasses 4, weeds 0

May the ten-year $13.3 million bike path funding go to Guelph Transit

May the proposed 20-year solid waste management plan be turned into a four-year plan

May the culture of excessive overtime and non-attendance at City Hall be reformed

May residents. in areas where student lodging houses exist, get relief from the city

May the Maple Leafs win the Stanley cup with Morgan Reilly scoring the winning goal in game seven

May the people of Guelph get off their butts and vote next October 27th

May we wish citizens a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, happy holidays and a Lexus under your tree






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8 responses to “The Guelphspeaks prayer for 2014

  1. Glen N. Tolhurst

    May the tax & spend mayor & her gang of like minded eight councilors be unceremoniously turfed out in the Oct 2014 civic elections and forced to find another sand box in which to indulge their costly strategies, visions,and social engineering follies.

  2. Will

    Great post except for the leafs winning the Stanley
    Hopefully all politicians finally realize money comes from one source and we the source would appreciate our dollars being used in a respectful manner.Hey, we must budget so why not politicians? Merry Christmas..

  3. Heather

    Merry Christmas to all. Hope 2014 is an awesome year!


    That the word “INNOVATION” be banned from use by any City discussion/written report(s)/naming of City facilities/City Council and that any existing/current use of the word be expunged from City facilities/etc.That Staff produce a business case for all City expenditures.


    May the CBC be privatized-one less elitist Crown corporation dipping into taxpayers’ pocket-it’s no longer necessary to sustain this entity.

  6. geo

    May I turn the T.V. to watch a Guelph council meeting and hear them discussing a tax decrease.

  7. Mary Heyens

    Privatize the transit and garbage collection, and expect a tax refund.

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