What are they afraid of?

Posted November 6, 2013

The Farbridge machine is starting its game of discrediting those individuals in the city who oppose their governance. Seven years ago, Mayor Kate Quarrie was targeted by a ruthless campaign. There were threats to her life and her tires were slashed as the car sat in her driveway. Despite a police investigation no one was charged.

That was only part of the story as Mayor Kate Quarrie’s character was ridiculed and the Farbridge supporters on the Quarrie council were disruptive and obstructionist. So what happened? The mayor and most of her council were swept out of power. And the Farbridge era commenced.

The Guelph Civic League, led at the time by current Ontario NDP Candidate James Gordon, played a major role in support of Mayor Farbridge and the majority of her council. This group shared the left wing views of the new city administration and its direction.

Today the organization describes itself as the NEW Guelph Civic League and eschews its past with a new president and executive. It has a lot to prove to restore any credibility with the taxpayers.

The same negative strategies of years ago are re-surfacing, particularly since the petition by the new citizen’s group, GrassRoots Guelph (GRG) was delivered to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing requesting an audit of the city finances and operations.

The anonymous pro-Farbridge supporters have accused me of running a one-man show. Any twit with a brain would know that this took more than one individual to pull off and a lot of time researching and proving our allegations.  I was only one of many founders of GRG.

Then the Farbridge Players amplified that old chestnut that GRG is a right wing group, dissatisfied with the way the city was being run. Well we are not right wing, but stand for all the people not just the select few.  But we are dissatisfied and we believe that Guelph deserves better and we will spend the next year to accomplish that goal.

Lately in my blog, there have been some challenges about the authenticity of the guelphspeaks content. The naysayers never use their real name and that deflates any credibility. And they mostly ask for attribution of my “numbers”.

I’ve been writing about the Farbridge Follies for seven years. Not once have I received a response from a city official complaining that my information was incorrect. Not once.  I have written some 80 columns in the Mercury and 379 posts in the guelphspeaks blog.   Not a peep from the administration challenging my content.

With the election almost a year away, why now? Why spend energy and effort to discredit what hundreds of Guelph citizens already know and don’t approve?

It’s all about firing up the leftist base. With a possible spring election, the NDP domination of the municipal political scene needs the base to elect their candidate, James Gordon. The NDP has never won the riding of Guelph.

A citizen’s coalition of people, GRG’s growth and policies already attracts independent voters in the city and poses a threat to the NDP’s chances of winning the Guelph seat in the Ontario Legislature.

That’s why they are afraid.

It’s time to get party politics out of municipal politics. Joining non-partisan GrassRoots Guelph is a step in the right direction to end the Farbridge tightly wound control of the city political scene. Join today at grassrootsguelph2014@gmail.com or drop in to the website GrassRootsGuelph.com.

This party is just getting started.

Gerry Barker





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3 responses to “What are they afraid of?

  1. andy

    I agree the grg is non partisan but a group of well meaning residents (silent majority) concerned with the well being of this city and the future of this city

  2. dstm

    Ooops…Remember Derek Fletcher?

  3. Len H.

    On vacation and just got to read this and was going to bring back that terrible spectre of Mr. Fletcher but saw that dtsm beat me too it.. Gerry: Oh, that we could forget that travesty. Where have all the Harry Wortons and Alf Hales gone? Politicians with integrity? Now pretty much an oxymoron.

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