Is this censorship or corporate cold feet?

Posted October 18, 2013

This is a copy of a letter to the editor sent October 4 to the Guelph Tribune.  It was not published.  No reason was given. This is another example of the public being blocked in expressing themselves.  As stakeholders in the Corporation of Guelph, citizens have the right to criticize without being personal or libelous. It appears the editor of the Tribune seems to believe this did not meet the paper’s standards of editorial content.

 You be the judge. Is this letter fair comment or not?

The major article on the front page “Council feels left out of budget loop” (Tribune 3 Oct 13) was absolutely astounding with the admission by the mayor that the setting of priorities for capital spending was: “for us it is a black box”.

This comes from someone who has been mayor for almost ten years.

It is a complete dereliction of duty, that after 10 years wherein she played a role of some sort in annual budget approvals, she can be so clueless about what goes into the capital budget.

Is this the same due diligence she and her like minded tax and spend cohorts on council have carried out on operating budgets?

The “revisiting” of the police headquarters upgrading that has seen it spiral out of control from a $13.6 million total cost by an additional $20.4 million in ”new money” to  $34 million is all too typical of the administration.

The council should send a clear message to the CFO and police chief that the budget for upgrading has been zeroed until it is clearly studied by councillors and some competent budget analysis provided in an open forum, rather than in a backroom.

An admittedly, by the chief, flawed functional 2010 operational analysis carried out by the police services raises the question of competence of those who did it and reviewed it. Additionally, one has to wonder how much have architects been paid for generating 4 “upgrading” options that are pegged at $34 million.

The horror stories generated by the mayor, council, and the administration are never ending.

Thank you,

Glen N. Tolhurst



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2 responses to “Is this censorship or corporate cold feet?

  1. Andy Wellwood

    Having the editors at both Guelph newspapers turn down letters to the editor that will reflect badly on the running of the City of Guelph is not new to us that have sent in letters and never hear anything.

    • Andy Wellwood: This is what happens when community newspapers are taken over by large publishing corporations. In this case the papers are owned and operated by MetroLand Publishing, a division of Torstar Corporation. MetroLand has 110 newspapers in its stable. Guelph’s papers are controlled from Kitchener where the publisher and editor in chief work out of the KW Record. This may be convenient to the owners but does a disservice to the readers of these newspapers in Guelph. In my experience, MetroLand has an editorial policy that is specific to the community it serves. In Guelph’s case, that policy is to support the city administration under the leadership of Mayor Karen Farbridge. After seven years of covering the city political scene, it’s not hard to discover hard evidence of this fact. Under no circumstances am I critical of the editorial staff’s of both newspapers. They are only following orders.

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