Short takes on the crazy quilt of Guelph politics

Posted September 18, 2013

Horse feathers

So they opened the renovated Farmer’s Market building in the old horse barns. Reports are there were no handles on the doors, no fume ventilation for those preparing food, no sprinkler system. Nice floor though. Was it worth $500,000? You be the judge.

Giving integrity a bad name

The great investigation into Coun. Maggie Laidlaw’s alleged abuse of city employees came to a grinding halt when there was an apology made to the plaintiffs. The case collapsed. The Integrity Commissioner sent a bill for $2,800 for a non-investigation. So, we’ll never know what Maggie said to upset the staffers. That’s what I call a bargain.

Turning derelict dump into a daycare centre

The heritage hawks flushed a person proposing to convert the old Wilson farmhouse into a daycare centre thereby saving this alleged priceless treasure of our past. The place has been vacant for eight years. Drifters and other individuals have used it as a hangout. The owners, you and I, have not lifted a finger to maintain it. In a word it’s an eyesore and a neglected dump in a designated park. What is that drives heritage hawks to use their influence to reclaim buildings with little historical significance or value to the community as a whole?

A house divided

Apparently city staff receives monthly financial updates but not members of council. Even the Mayor was surprised at this turn of events. A motion in committee demanded that council share the financial updates. Councillors must have read guelphspeaks to discover that going over budget $2.4 million, so far this year, is a common occurrence. So much so that the city has exceeded its budget every year for the past four years for an accumulated total deficit of $24 million. And how was that covered up? By tapping reserves and other accounting tricks. It’s only your money.

Soccer dome is doomed by sheer incompetence

It is now revealed Guelph Soccer; the main tenant has no assets and no prospect to offer as collateral to guarantee the original $900,000 mortgage on the indoor soccer dome. As a guarantor of the loan, Guelph Community Sports has already said it no longer can make the mortgages payments.. Which leaves taxpayers to carry the cost of servicing the mortgage with a remaining balance of $500,000. Question: If there is no air conditioning in the dome, is there heat supplied in the cooler months? Another Question: Why was this ever considered in the first place?

Your voice counts, join GrassRoots Guelph

GrassRoots Guelph is up and running with great response from citizens across the city. If you disagree with the policies of the current administration and haven’t had the opportunity to sign up, it’s really simple. Just send your address, email address and telephone number to Your membership will help return our city to responsible management and common sense. As a member you will receive alerts and the regular GrassRoots NOW newsletter.


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4 responses to “Short takes on the crazy quilt of Guelph politics

  1. JC

    My understanding is that a business plan was never ever submitted for the soccer dome so my question is, how did this ever get approved and who approved it?

  2. Paul

    I was at the market and can attest to the errors in the Building renovations.
    Some doors had NO handles or doorknobs. I missed Breakie because the vendor could not fry an egg because there was no air vent instillation. And Yes there was NO fire sprinkler system. And there was a broken window.
    But on the positive side the new floor was first class.
    Next time I go to the Market I will bring my camera so that I have living proof of the questionable competence of City Staff!

    • Paul: Almost $2 million spent on the horse barns, AKA Farmer’s Market, and it still isn’t right. One would think that following the fire at St. Jacobs, there would be a sprinkler system installed. Especially as this is a city-owned building that is used by the public. Guess the rules apply for some but not others. Don’t get me started on the screw up of installing sprinklers in the civic museum. Seems the sprinkler heads were only six inches above the custom-made, imported cabinetry.

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