Time to ask 20 questions of Mayor Karen Farbridge

Posted August 31, 2013

Welcome back, hope you enjoyed the August hiatus from doing the people’s business.

The TV program 20 Questions went to game show heaven many years ago but the structure of the program will help us understand the role of Mayor of our fair city. So here are 20 questions for Her Worship, answers that remain a mystery with taxpayers and possibly those at the provincial government.

1.Why do many citizens consider you the most litiganist Mayor in the city’s history? There are many lawsuits on tap plus Ontario Municipal Board hearings and legal cases involving insured claims against the city. The current litigation status report only tells half the story … what are the costs associated with these many legal matters?

2.Can you tell us how much outside legal assistance cost the taxpayers in 2012 and year to date?

3.How much did the city spend on hiring outside consultants in 2012 and year to date?

4.When will you reveal the operating cost per tonne of the Organic Waste Processing Facility?

5.As leader of the municipal government, why don’t you hold regular press conferences to allow the public/media to ask questions about your administration?

6.What is your plan to encourage residential hi-rise development downtown?

7.Why did the city decide to give a ten-year holiday to Tricar developments a city-imposed development charges to build a hi-rise condo downtown that is now mostly sold out?

8.How do you justify supporting the staff when the Farmer’s Market renovation costs jumped from $170,000 as approved by council in the 2013 budget, to the staff stating the costs would be $500,000?

9.Will those staff members responsible be held accountable?

10.Is it true that the downtown secondary plan calls for relocation and rebuilding of the Farmer’ Market?

11.Was Ann Pappert,your hand-picked Chief Administration Officer, in the loop when the Farmer’s Market project was planned and did she monitor progress during the past nine months?

12.What were the costs of the two construction companies hired to complete the old city hall renovation into a provincial court plus the new city hall?

13.Why did the 2013 property tax rate jump from the budgeted 2.96 per cent to 3.74 per cent?

14.What are the terms of leasing the Loretto Convent property for the civic museum?

15.What was the price paid for the old civic museum on Dublin Street?

16.How many bids were accepted on the Dublin Street museum site?

17.What are the terms of the contract to sell sewage sludge to the Lystek company?

18.Why has there been a significant increase in city staff that does not match the increase in population?

19.Why is it necessary to pay $100,000 to a Toronto consultant to develop an “open government plan” for the administration?

20.Are you a candidate again in 2014?


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2 responses to “Time to ask 20 questions of Mayor Karen Farbridge

  1. Will

    What was the actual cost of building a new city hall including the imported stones for Carden St as well as the cost of reconstructing the Wyndham St bridge which happened to be out of commission for quite some time? Word on the street is the wrong size sewer pipe was initially used. Poor planning

    • Will: Those are the questions that the city administration refuses to answer. The elephant in the room is the outcome of the multi-million dollar civil suits the city (read that taxpayers), is facing over construction of the new city hall and renovating the old city hall into a provincial court. Hold onto your hats because the end cost, win or lose, will stagger you.

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