Join GrassRoots Guelph and become an agent for change

It’s free and simple. Drop me a note at and I’ll forward your info to the membership team. Your personal information is kept in a cyber-secure database and used only to communicate with the members.

GrassRoots Guelph (GRG) is non-partisan, non-profit and incorporated under the laws of Ontario. It was founded by a group of concerned citizens and is growing rapidly.

Our goals include developing programs to increase the number of voters in the October 2014 municipal election. These programs include a regular newsletter for members keeping them informed of the issues. Also town hall meetings, led by neutral moderators, will invite the public to express its views on the city political scene.

Informing, educating and socializing with the citizens of our city is a priority for GRG.

Change does not come easily but GRG, armed with the truth and facts, can make it can happen.

Welcome aboard!


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10 responses to “Join GrassRoots Guelph and become an agent for change

  1. Ken Hammill

    Count me i n Gerry. ken

  2. John

    A big thanks Gerry! Guelph residence really need a voice. We need to stop the wasteful spending.

    • John: Thanks for your comment. The response to our announcement has been overwhelming. We knew there was a lot of discontent around the city among taxpayers and citizens, but the extent is stunning. The task for GrassRoots Guelph is provide a voice and a vehicle for change to stem the spending on dodgy projects. I urge anyone who recognizes that the city needs new leadership, join GRG today. It’s free, non-partisan and non-profit. GRG acts in your interests and not the special interests.

  3. Ken Greenwood

    We have to get rid of this tax and spend Mayor and her left wing supporters on Council. Fiscal responsibility is alien to them. We have to get the word out.

    • Ken Greenwood: Share your concerns with others and join GrassRoots Guelph (grassrootguelph2014@gmail,com). Stop the fiscal bleeding of our city at the hands of the special interests supported by the majority of council. The only thing the the Mayor and her eight cohorts will respond to is people power and the demand for transparency and responsibility. This dog has just begun to fight.

  4. Jeff Collins

    The time has come to get Guelph back to what it used to be… Financially responsible, a council that worked together, and councillors that listens and works for the electorate.Count me in to join the discussion!

  5. Mary Heyens

    Hi Gerry Barker,

    Please add my name to the list of Guelph people who want factual answers from Guelph City Hall. You interviewed me in 2008; I am a Skilled Tradeswoman with +10 years experience and a former City of Guelph Waste Packer Operator (Garbage Truck Operator) employee. From 2004-2007 I was sexually assaulted by 2 (two) men, and, bullied in my work place. When I tried to report this to the City, including Mayor Farbridge and Human Resources, and Union Cupe Local 241, they laughed in my face and fired me in 2007. These men raped at least 1 (one) other woman (the other victim confided this information to me in 2011). One of the men had 2 (two) relatives who sat on Guelph City Council. I have permanent PTSD (Post Traumautic Stress Disorder) and am a ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program recipient since Feb.2010. I know about a dozen ex-City employees who were ‘BULLIED’ out of their jobs at the City of Guelph. All hiring at the City evolves around NEPOTISM (the hiring of relatives). Thank you for posting this important message. Mary Heyens, Guelph, ON

    • Mary Heynes: These are very serious charges you have made. While we are sympathetic to your experience, guelphspeaks is in no position to be judge and jury. We wish you the best in your quest for justice.

    • Mary Heyens

      Gerry Barker, Thank you for posting my message. Everything in my message is the truth. The Tax Payers of Guelph deserve integrity and respect from the City the Guelph employees and council. Every individual in their workplaces and schools must be free from Bullying, assault and harassment. When people lose their jobs and health due to bullying and harassment this creates a economic negative impact in our communities in the health care and employment industries. Bravo to Grassroots Guelph for bringing a voice and a vehicle for change to our city. Mary Heyens, Guelph

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