Sightlines and the Church of our Lady

Posted August 29, 2013

In a recent editorial the daily newspaper suggested that the city skyline is changing and there is a possibility that 18-storey condominiums in the downtown area may disrupt the sightlines to the great church on the hill.

The editorial went on to say that this could change the identity of Guelph.

No doubt the Church on Catholic Hill is a beautiful landmark that is part of the city’s identity. Keep in mind this is a growing and changing community. It is essential that if the downtown area of the city is to undergo a renaissance, a place where all citizens may gather in safety and comfort, then you need people to live there. This will grow the downtown with new businesses and a bustling exciting core of our city.

It will grow because of private investment not public money that has been the case in recent years.

It’s starting to happen and in the next few years most folks in the city will be proud of their revitalized downtown.

The Church of Our Lady will remain as a prominent part of the cityscape.

To worry about sightlines to the church is an inconsequential exercise.

After all, one of the great Roman Catholic Cathedrals in North America in located in mid-town Manhattan and a jewel among the towering, surrounding skyscrapers.

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One response to “Sightlines and the Church of our Lady

  1. Glen N. Tolhurst

    At least no one has to be concerned with sight lines from city hall to the organic waste facility, they just have to follow the stench of waste mismanagement.

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