CITY VIEW – There is a surprise in your mailbox

Posted July 8, 2013

When does a 2013 property tax rate jump from 2.96 per cent to 5 per cent?

Just about now as you may have opened the latest missive from the city financial department. It explained an adjustment to schedule 2.

Last fall, city council approved a 2013 budget that set the property tax rate increase at 2.96 per cent. As it turns out that was a myth, a fairy tale, a sample of what wasn’t to come.

Following that approval meeting we went to bed that night thinking the tax rate increase was better than expected all things considered.

It was not to be. Now we are told midway through the year that the real increase in our case is 5 per cent. Like all taxpayers we have already received the final tax bills for the year. Is it possible that this figure was determined before the final tax bills went out? Did they not want to make we natives restless?

That’s the only explanation as the new notice states our tax bills will not change this year despite the increase.

What’s going on?

Estimating an overall average 5 per cent uptick is $125 per household and business, that’s a miscalculation of $5 million in revenue.

And that fellow taxpayers is why there is growing mistrust of the administration’s management of our money.



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7 responses to “CITY VIEW – There is a surprise in your mailbox

  1. Glen N. Tolhurst

    This is “freaking” unbelievable!! If correct, a new level of incompetence has been reached.
    Just today CJOY reported that the Canadian Federation of Municipalities gave Guelph a D minus on it’s finances. Based on this article, it should be a FFF minus. Somebody should remember why the Bastille was stormed!!

  2. joseph phelan

    The mayor and council are a laughing stock to the rest of the province!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mike Baker

    It never ends does it?

  4. David Birtwistle

    Joseph Phelan:Nota Bene:not just the “…rest of the province…”but the rest of the country as the Federation of Canadian Municipalities have politicians from across Canada.Visit their website for even more stunning data on this

  5. Glen N. Tolhurst

    Erratum: apparently it was the Canadian Taxpayers Foundation that provided the data.
    Gerry was bang on with the sudden jump to a 5% tax increase, as the notice hit my mailbox yesterday. Noteworthy is the line showing “2013 Tax Change Due to Reassessment”. Once again the mayor, her tax and spend followers, and the like minded administration push through a phantom tax hike based on the MPAC assessment increase. They can’t get their minds around the fact that the MPAC figures are not based on what your house can fetch on an open market, yet that doesn’t stop them from picking your wallet. It’s time for councilors to stand up for the citizens who can’t afford the outlandish tax increases that continue to outstrip take home pay. The tax & spend councilors will be held accountable in the next civic elections!

    • Glen N. Tolhurst: I guess we are not the only ones who sees through the administration fog of managing finances — I use the word “managing” loosely. The Canadian Taxpayers Foundation collects data from across the country and is in a position to judge Guelph’s financial performance. To label Guelph’s financial management as D minus is not news to the long suffering taxpayers in the city. On this subject the administration is tone deaf and blind to the mess it has created.

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